Customer Experience Advisory Committee

The Customer Experience Advisory Committee consists of ten GO customers who meet on a volunteer basis four times a year to provide consultation and advice on a variety of customer service programs and initiatives.

Currently, there are no open positions on the committee but we will be sure to let you know when we’re looking for a representative on your line.

Full terms of reference

Committee Member Recruitment

We do not have any openings currently but will be sure to let you know when we’re looking for a representative on your line. Join Let GO Know to have your say and provide feedback.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Provide consultation and advice to GO Transit/Metrolinx staff related to customer service programs and initiatives
  • Promote dialogue and information exchange regarding public communication of key customer issues
  • Assist in advising on policy issues for services regarding the interests of customers

Examples of initiatives discussed at CEAC

The Customer Experience Advisory Committee has provided valuable feedback and participated in the development of many customer service initiatives and programs, including:

  • Customer Experience Strategy (2016-2019)
  • Winter Preparedness Initiatives for train services
  • Passenger Charter Promises and Key Performance Indicators
  • GO Transit website redesign
  • Content and quality of service announcements
  • Digital Signage refresh
  • New uniforms for GO staff
  • Quiet Zone on trains
  • GO brand refresh
  • Automated announcements on buses and trains
  • Self-serve programs
  • Customer Etiquette campaigns
  • Real time service information

Our CEAC meeting reports

Thanks to past and current members for their time and contribution to help us continue to enhance our customers’ experience traveling with GO.

Questions or comments about the Customer Experience Advisory Committee (CEAC)

Send your questions or comments about CEAC to: or to:

GO Transit CEAC
20 Bay Street, Suite 600
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2W3

If you have comments, questions or issues about GO’s services, get in touch with us.