On Wednesday, Feb. 14, we’ll be making platform changes to install safety and communications enhancements at Union Station, including platform lighting, electronic signage, a new PA system, and to make repairs to stairwells. New platforms are listed below. If your trip is not listed, that means your platform is likely not changing. It’s always good to check the departure boards before heading to your platform.

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Your new platform


Departure Time New Platform
16:10 11 & 12
17:05 11 & 12
18:05 11 & 12
19:05 11 & 12
19:40 9 & 10


Departure Time New Platform
17:02 9 & 10

Lakeshore East

Departure Time New Platform
*17:35 24
17:40 25 & 26
*18:00 24
18:13 25 & 26

*Express trains

If your trip is not listed, that means your platform is likely not changing.


Map of Union Station concourses. Refer to the tables elsewhere on this page for platform assignments.
Location Platform

Bay East Teamway

Platforms 4 - 12

Bay West Teamway

Platforms 3 - 12, 24 - 27

VIA Concourse

Platforms 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 24 - 27

York Concourse

Platforms 3 - 12, 24 - 27

York East Teamway

Platforms 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11

York West Teamway

Platforms 4 - 12, 24 - 27

Union Station Bus Terminal

Platform 3


Platform 3

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The best commute is a safe one.

  • Spread along the platform, be aware of your surroundings and leave yourself with extra travel time
  • Stand behind the yellow line, as it puts you at a safe distance from oncoming trains
  • Do not block stairwells or doorways, and do not stop at the bottom or top of escalators
  • Never cross the tracks

Union Station Revitalization

Recently we finished significant improvements to the train shed and are now enhancing safety and communication features of Union Station before we start increasing its capacity for GO expansion. Union Station was built nearly a century ago, and significant improvements are needed here and across the GO Transit network to meet growing ridership demand and support future service increases. Work will continue at Union Station for a number of years to come.

Across the region, our growth is a sign of success and opportunity, but our transportation networks are at their limit. When it comes to building transit, it’s time to get moving. That’s why Metrolinx is delivering the largest transit infrastructure program in Canadian history to keep the GTHA moving today and tomorrow.

These improvements will create the convenience of two-way, all day transit with 15-minute service or better within the most heavily traveled Metrolinx-owned rail corridors, twice the train trips during rush hour and four times the number of train trips outside of rush hour and on weekends. They will also relieve congestion by providing more reliable, predictable journeys across the region thanks to reduced crowding on highways, roads and local transit systems. For more information, visit