Starting January 9

The following platform changes will be made as of Monday, January 9, 2017:

  • Barrie line: The 5:35 p.m., 6:05 and 6:45 p.m. trips will depart from platforms 11 and 12.
  • Kitchener line: The 5:20 p.m., 5:50 and 6:50 p.m. trips will depart from platform 13.
  • Lakeshore West line: The 5:15 p.m. trip will depart from platforms 11 and 12.

Always check the departures boards before heading up to the platform – platform changes can happen at any time.

All of the platform changes are to facilitate the next phase of the Union Station Revitalization Project, which involves refurbishing the steel train shed structure and then installing a new roof on top of it. To do this work, we’ll be closing platforms 7 to 10 and the tracks that serve them, meaning we have to find different locations for our trains to line up in the station. We will be re-opening platforms 11 to 13 the same day.

Keep in the know

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Your new platform


Departure Time New Platform
15:35 11 & 12
16:20 11 & 12
*16:50 11 & 12
17:02 11 & 12
17:20 13
17:50 13
18:50 13

*express/train express


Departure Time New Platform
15:40 13
16:10 13
16:40 13
17:05 13
17:35 11 &12
18:05 11 &12
18:45 11 &12

Richmond Hill

Departure Time New Platform
15:10 3

Lakeshore West

Departure Time New Platform
*17:15 11 & 12

*express/train express

If your trip is not listed, that means your platform is likely not changing.


Platform Map


The best commute is a safe one. We anticipate crowding on our platforms so please be aware of your surroundings and leave yourself with extra travel time. And always remember to stand behind that yellow line, as it puts you at a safe distance from oncoming trains. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve Union Station.

Union Station Revitalization


The revitalized structure and new roof will result in a safer, more comfortable experience for our customers by protecting them and our infrastructure from the elements. The train shed space that extends beyond the recently completed glass atrium totals 30,000 square metres, all of which is being renovated and restored. The nearly 90-year-old structure is designated as a National Historic Site of Canada.

Construction and related platform and schedule adjustments will continue over the next two years until the project is complete.

Our commitment

More than 200,000 GO Train customers travel to and from Union Station on a given weekday, and we know these changes can be difficult to adjust to. Union Station is our country’s busiest transportation hub, and maintaining and increasing service for our customers as we carry out this work is a big undertaking. We are committed to continually looking at ways to improve our service as we complete this project, and we encourage customers to share their feedback so we can make improvements wherever possible.

Continuing improvements

Revitalizing Union Station is critical in ensuring our country’s busiest transportation hub can continue to meet our needs. The construction of the train shed roof builds upon the completion of the new glass atrium within the train shed in 2015, the opening of the new GO York Concourse in 2015, and the ongoing renovation of the Bay Concourse, which is well underway and set to open next year.