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Strachan Avenue Overpass

The Strachan Avenue Overpass is one of the grade separations for the Georgetown South Project. Strachan Avenue will be raised by, at most, 2 metres to pass over the rail corridor. In turn, the rail corridor will be lowered from Bathurst Street to King Street West, the lowest point of up to 8 metres below at Strachan Avenue. The new overpass will also accommodate bicycle lanes and sidewalks.


  • April 15 – There will be construction work taking place during the upcoming weekend for the Strachan Avenue Overpass. Work hours are: Friday, April 18 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday, April 19 and Sunday, April 20 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Much of the activity will be in the area of Strachan Ave. and Wellington St. where we are removing decking to complete utility work. We only have a limited time period to complete this work while the northbound lane on Strachan Ave. is closed.
  • Update: This closure is now expected to begin on April 12.
    • April 4 – The Strachan Ave. northbound lane will be closed to vehicular and cycling traffic from East Liberty St. to Douro/Wellington Streets until April 27.
  • March 28 – We continue working on the permanent Strachan Ave. bridge and completing the southern lowered corridor. We also continue extensive work to reconnect/relocate utilities before the reopening of Strachan Ave. in its original alignment by mid-year. What to expect in the coming months:
    • Building the permanent Strachan Ave. bridge brings us closer to having car, pedestrian and cycling traffic crossing over the lowered rail corridor in its final position removing the detour road.
    • Completing track and signal work to finish laying track and installing train signals between the King St. W. and Queen St. W. bridges.
    • Possible Strachan Ave. lane restrictions in order to reopen Strachan Ave. back in its original position. We anticipate this work to take place this spring. Stay tuned for more details as they get confirmed.
Strachan Avenue Overpass Rendering Looking West Strachan Avenue Overpass Rendering Looking East Strachan Avenue Overpass Rendering Looking East Strachan Avenue Overpass Rendering Closeup Looking West Strachan Avenue Overpass Rendering Closeup Strachan Avenue Overpass Rendering


Project Schedule

  • Phase 1 construction started: winter 2011
  • Phase 1 construction completed: spring 2012
  • Phase 2 construction started: summer 2011
  • Phase 2 construction complete: end of 2014

What we are doing

  • Utility relocation
    • Construction of a siphon tunnel, utility tunnel, and relocation of all utilities
  • Construction of three retaining walls to support the lowered rail corridor: a north, centre and south wall
  • Excavation of the rail corridor
    • The corridor is being excavated in two phases to maintain railway operations
    • The north section of the corridor was excavated first with all rail service being shifted to the south tracks
    • After the north corridor excavation was complete, train operations shifted to this lowered corridor (project milestone), and excavation began in the south corridor
  • Installation of struts and the permanent Strachan Avenue bridge

How this will affect you

  • Temporary realignment of Strachan Avenue
  • There is a temporary loss of parking spots (south side of Douro Street near Strachan Avenue, Western Battery Road)
  • Occasional lane restrictions
  • Removal of the level crossing

Douro Street Retaining Wall Beautification

The Bathurst Street to King Street West Community Advisory Committee looked at options to deter graffiti and beautify the existing retaining wall on Douro Street. As this wall has already been built, there is some urgency in improving its appearance and preventing more graffiti.

We also reached out to the larger community and received feedback from over 100 people for the design options for the Douro Street Retaining Wall Beautification.

We used a phased approach, with the beautification of the wall as phase 1, and the beautification of the boulevard as phase 2. This allows us to begin implementing the recommendations for phase 1 immediately. Phase 2 will be implemented after discussion with the City as they own this parcel of land. GO Transit has considered the recommendations provided for Phase 1 and we will implement all the recommendations made by the committee. To learn more, please view the document below.

Community Advisory Committee recommendation fully endorsed by GO Transit

Photos (2014)

Photos (2011-2013)

Noise and Vibration

Noise and vibration monitors have been set up along the Strachan Avenue Overpass project area to monitor any noise and vibration generated by the construction. This data will be posted on a weekly basis.

The following graph displays 1-hour averaged noise levels measured in decibels (dbA).

Strachan Avenue Overpass Noise Monitoring Graph

For a map of the station locations, please click here.

Archived graphs

2011 | 2012 | December 31, 2012-January 5, 2013 | January 7-12 | January 14-19 | January 21-26 | January 28-February 2 | February 4-9 | February 11-16 | February 18-23 | February 25-March 2 | March 4-9 | March 11-16 | March 18-23 | March 25-30 | April 1-6 | April 8-13 | April 15-20 | April 22-27 | April 29-May 4 | May 6-11 | May 13-18 | May 20-25 | May 27-June 1 | June 3-8 | June 10-15 | June 17-22 | June 24-29 | July 1-6 | July 8-13 | July 15-21 | July 22-28 | July 29-August 3 | August 5-10 | August 12-17 | August 19-24 | August 26-31 | September 2-7 | September 9-14 | September 16-21 | September 23-28 | September 30 - October 5 | October 7-12 | October 14-19 | October 21-26 | October 28 - November 2 | November 4-9 | November 11-16 | November 18-23 | November 25-30 | December 2-7 | December 9-14 | December 16-21 | December 23-28 | December 30, 2013 - January 4, 2014 | January 6-11 | January 13-18 | January 20-25 | January 27 - February 1 | February 3-8 | February 10-15 | February 17-22 | February 24 - March 1 | March 3-8 | March 10-15 | March 17-22 | March 24-29 | March 31-April 5


No elevated vibration levels were recorded during this construction period.

To learn more about how we're monitoring noise and vibration during construction, please see our Noise and Vibration page.


Design consultant: AECOM
Construction contractor: Phase 1: Kenaidan Contractors
Construction contractor: Phase 2: EllisDon

Community Updates

For updates from 2010 or 2011, please see our Communication Materials page.

For more information on the Strachan Avenue Overpass, please contact the Strachan Community Office at 416-581-1300.

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