How We're Listening

You have told us you want change; we're listening. Keep reading to see the latest survey results and to learn about some improvements we have made based on your feedback.

Customer Survey Results

From survey results, we learn more about what you think of our service, and where you want us to improve. We are constantly making improvements to our services and programs based on this information. Here are some of our recent survey results:

2015 Communications Survey

Your satisfaction with our communications increased 3% this year, and you are most satisfied with how we communicate schedule and service changes.

You told us:

  • Improving service status information is most important to you.
  • You want more information about construction projects, including how they will impact your commute  .


 What we are doing:

  • We have initiated monthly meetings with a focus on improving announcements so you get the information you need on board your train as soon as possible.
  • Signage plans are being created with input from across Metrolinx to better coordinate construction information and make sure our signs give you the information you need .


2015 Fall Customer Satisfaction Survey

You told us:

  • We need to improve our communications about train and bus delays.
  • We need to add parking spaces and increase parking enforcement.
  • We need to improve the process for claiming a Service Guarantee refund.

What we are doing:

  • We have initiated monthly meetings with a focus on improving announcements so you get the information you need on board your train as soon as possible.

  • We added over 220 new parking spaces for our customers.  We provided Clarkson GO customers with 150 additional parking spaces and we added 72 parking spots to the King City GO station.  Construction also began on 60 more spaces for King City customers that will be available in the spring of 2016.

  • We improved the online Service Guarantee claim process with a new enhanced interface that gives customers instant feedback if a trip is eligible for a refund.  The new system also allows us to process claims faster.

Let GO Know Surveys

To ensure the initiatives we work on meet your needs, your voice is heard through the Let GO Know online advisory panel. The Let GO Know panel is now over two years old.
Let GO Know by the numbers:

  • Over 50 surveys.
  • 54,000 of responses received.
  • Over 7,180 members.
  • Overall satisfaction with the panel is 75%.
  • Likelihood to recommend is 66%.

To be part of shaping the future of GO Transit,  Join Let GO Know.

2015/16 Improvements

The results from the surveys we conduct give us valuable insight as to where you want us to improve. This information, along with our own performance measurements, help us make improvements and develop new initiatives. Here are some of our recent improvements:

On time Improvements

  • This year we introduced several new programs and enhanced others to improve service reliability. 

    • We developed a new Preventative Maintenance Program that proactively adjusts, repairs, upgrades or replaces switches/signals before a failure occurs, and we began installing proximity sensors to provide readings that are more reliable and to avoid manual checks by the crew. 

    • We created a new cross-functional working group that analyzes and addresses current performance issues to ensure a more thorough understanding of their impact and to improve on-time performance in the future.  We also enhanced our Winter Preparedness Plan to improve service reliability during extreme weather.  Improvements included more staff at key areas for troubleshooting, two new blower trucks for snow removal, improved equipment positioning in the Union Station Rail Corridor (USRC), and more standby trains to protect service.

    • The Lakeshore West Rail Corridor Tie Replacement Program was successfully completed with over 22,000 ties installed.  Ties keep tracks stable and hold the rails in place to make sure they properly align with the wheels of the train.  This preventive maintenance program is designed to be in addition to regular switch maintenance, and includes early replacement of service critical components before they fail.

Safety Improvements

  • We commissioned a new signaling system along the Barrie Corridor that will allow for more frequent trips, and will also enhance safety with broken rail detection, switch failure detection and switch vandalism detection.

  • We introduced turn-by-turn navigation on our bus fleet that efficiently plans the best route for our drivers and customers.  This technology gives our buses an additional safety feature and helps orient new drivers and existing drivers on expanded routes.

  • To enhance driver and passenger safety, we are installing Audio Video Recording Systems (AVRS) on our buses. The system records video/audio to provide an electronic record of incidents that could threaten the safety of our passengers.  Seven cameras and one microphone were installed on each new Low Top Double Decker bus

  • Our Transit Safety team educated customers on platform safety at Union Station with Operation Be Aware Take Care.  The program involved placing three staff members on each of our seven platforms during rush hour where they provided personal safety tips and actively engaged with customers to address any questions.

Communication Improvements

  • We began monthly meetings with our train crews to improve onboard announcements, with an emphasis on timeliness.  The program includes training on how to evolve messages during service disruptions and a refresh of our announcement book that includes simpler, more customer-friendly language.

  • Our Customer Care Team extended the hours when they handle social media interactions.  They now handle voice and social media throughout the entire hours of operation for the Contact Centre (M-F 8am to 11pm, Weekend and Holidays 8am to 9pm).

  • We worked together with 11 GTHA transit providers to develop Triplinx, a new online trip-planning tool that helps users plan their routes and move more seamlessly across the GTHA.  Triplinx also provides schedule, fare and service information, with future phases adding service alerts and real-time departure information.

  • New signage plans are being created in collaboration with our station, construction, and bus teams to limit wayfinding issues during construction.

Comfort Improvements

  • In 2015/16, we added 19 new train trips and extended 6 trips that add 30,000 more seats per day. 

    • We reached a major milestone with our GO RER program by introducing 14 new weekday trips and extending one trip on the Kitchener corridor.

    • We added three new trips and extended one trip for our Lakeshore West customers.

    • Two new trips were added to the Milton corridor along with one new trip on our Lakeshore East line.

  • In 2015/16, we added 246 bus trips across all corridors that add over 12,000 more seats per day.  Highlights include:

    • Kitchener:  30 new weekday, 50 new Saturday and 60 new Sunday trips.

    • Hamilton:  28 new weekday and 2 new trips on Saturdays and Sundays.

    • Newmarket:  7 new weekday, 2 new Saturday and 2 new Sunday trips.

    • Oshawa:  8 new weekday trips.

  • We started communicating to passengers the top five customer courtesy complaints about other passengers, and demonstrated how etiquette makes an impact for everyone traveling with us.

  • We introduced a new way to get on the GO for Milton customers.  The GO Connect pilot program is a door-to-door shuttle service that connects passengers to and from the Milton GO station.  Operated by Milton Transit and local taxis, GO Connect uses the web or a mobile app to reserve and prepay trips during the morning and evening peak periods.

  • We began rolling out 127 new rail cars to meet growing demand, improve comfort and to support increased service under our 10-year Regional Express Rail (RER) program.  The train cars feature a new, modern exterior, along with a more spacious and welcoming interior.  Seats with improved cushioning/ergonomics are spaced further apart, washrooms now feature electric hand dryers/touchless dispensers, and improved heating, lighting and sound dampening further enhances passenger comfort. 

Customer Experience Improvements

  • Our customers want to stay connected and in the 2015/16 Fiscal Year we provide more Wi-Fi access across our system.  Expanding Wi-Fi helps us provide customers with easy access to information through Triplinx, the GO Tracker, the mobile GO website and On the GO alerts. 

    • We began offering free Wi‐Fi service in the York Concourse and York East Teamway.  Wi‐Fi access will continue to be phased in to other areas of Union Station over the next two years as construction work is completed.

    • We expanded the number of stations offering free Wi-Fi.  22 more locations were added, and we now have 36 stations that offer Wi-Fi to customers.  Free Wi‐Fi will be rolled out to all remaining GO stations later in 2016

    • A six month pilot provided Wi-Fi on ten buses for our customers.  This technology is available free of charge through our advertising partner, IMA Outdoor, and their sponsors.

    •  We started exploring options to provide reliable internet connectivity on our trains in a cost-effective manner.

  • We celebrated our Passenger Charter’s five-year anniversary that guides our actions and is the foundation for everything we do.  A key part of the Charter is our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Report Card, which is used to track progress publicly.  Our research team conducted extensive research that revealed customers wanted KPIs that are more objective, and our refreshed Report Card now provides more tangible and objective measures.

  • We introduced new station design guidelines that will bring us closer to an improved and consistent customer experience.  The design features integrated seating, self-serve fare/information areas, and a consistent GO-branded design that incorporates wood ceilings, wayfinding bands and energy efficient lighting that responds to the time of day/natural light. 

  • The GO-Zipcar partnership that launched in 2014 has been very successful and the program expanded in 2015 to seven new stations, for a total of 13 across the region.  More customers are using the program every month, and the partnership has been very popular in regions outside of the downtown core that previously had little to no car sharing.

Parking Improvements

  • In the 2015/16 Fiscal Year, we added more than 1,500 new parking spaces across our system.  Additional parking was provided at the new Park and Ride facilities in Pickering and Newmarket, and also at King City, Oshawa, Stouffville, Aldershot, Weston and Bronte stations.


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