How We're Listening

You have told us you want change; we're listening. Keep reading to see the latest survey results and to learn about some improvements we have made based on your feedback.

Customer Survey Results

From survey results, we learn more about what you think of our service, and where you want us to improve. We are constantly making improvements to our services and programs based on this information. Here are some of our recent survey results:

2016 Communications Survey

Your satisfaction with our communications decreased slightly this year, though you remain most satisfied with how we communicate schedule and service changes.

You told us:

  • Improving service status information is most important to you.
  • You want more information about construction projects, including how they will impact your commute  .


 What we are doing:

  • We have created corridor-specific Twitter handles to make finding information pertaining to your journey easier and quicker.
  • Reorganized our construction updates landing page by corridor, as per customer feedback, to make it easier to find projects and plans by station.


2016 Fall Customer Satisfaction Survey

You told us:

  • We need to ensure our trains run on time.
  • We need to add parking spaces and increase parking enforcement.
  • We need to improve the process for claiming a Service Guarantee refund.

What we are doing:

  • We have initiated monthly meetings with a focus on improving announcements so you get the information you need on board your train as soon as possible.

  • We added over 220 new parking spaces for our customers.  We provided Clarkson GO customers with 150 additional parking spaces and we added 72 parking spots to the King City GO station.  Construction also began on 60 more spaces for King City customers that will be available in the spring of 2016.

  • We improved the online Service Guarantee claim process with a new enhanced interface that gives customers instant feedback if a trip is eligible for a refund.  The new system also allows us to process claims faster.

Let GO Know Surveys

To ensure the initiatives we work on meet your needs, your voice is heard through the Let GO Know online advisory panel. The Let GO Know panel is now over two years old.
Let GO Know by the numbers:

  • Over 50 surveys.
  • 54,000 of responses received.
  • Over 7,180 members.
  • Overall satisfaction with the panel is 75%.
  • Likelihood to recommend is 66%.

To be part of shaping the future of GO Transit, Join Let GO Know.

2016/17 Improvements

The results from the surveys we conduct give us valuable insight as to where you want us to improve. This information, along with our own performance measurements, help us make improvements and develop new initiatives. Here are some of our recent improvements:

On time Improvements

  • This year we introduced several new programs and enhanced others to improve service reliability. 

  • The first step in equipping all trains with back up cameras has now been completed.  In certain instances, the camera will eliminate the need for a crew member to walk to the back of the train to ensure the track is clear where the platform has been overshot.  The current process is very time consuming, and can lead to delays and frustrations for customers both on the train and waiting to board. These cameras will speed up the process. Cameras will be gradually introduced on existing cars as we retrofit with this feature, and all new coaches and locomotives will be equipped to enable this feature over the coming years.


    As of November 21st, GO Transit buses are using the new Bus Bypass Shoulder segment on Highway 401.  This segment is in the eastbound direction between Regional Road 25 in Milton and Highway 407, and is the first to open on Highway 401.  In addition to those already open on the Highways 403, 404 and the Don Valley Parkway, the new segment will help to alleviate delays, contribute to on-time performance and improve the overall customer experience.

Safety Improvements

  • For the implementation of platform changes, the presence of Transit Safety Officers and other staff was increased to manage customer volume  and movement on platforms.

  • Several initiatives are underway at Union Station and across the system to ensure we provide customers with the highest level of safety.

  • Work is underway to create a new major security incident alert designed to rapidly notify users of any incident involving an imminent, active, or credible security threat to the organization requiring an immediate response.

    We are also working on creating “hot spots” for graffiti occurrences. This will enable officers to explore patterns and prevent damage.

    Level Crossings play an important role in the safety of a rail system. Metrolinx is working to ensure that increases in service with GO Regional Express Rail can be accommodated at level crossings safely for passengers, all road users and communities

Communication Improvements

  • In October, plans were announced to install a sign on the QEW near Appleby GO station displaying next-trip information for GO Trains at that station. The information factors in driving to the station, parking, and catching the next available train.  The pilot will expand to Bronte and Oakville GO stations, and will then show travel time comparisons for GO train and highway trips. These signs will promote GO transit as an alternative to help manage congestion for commuters and get drivers thinking about transit when they're driving on the highway.

  • We are implementing automated announcements and messages on GO trains to provide new ways to keep customers in the know and to make travelling on GO easier.

  • Digital signs are being installed on all accessibility coaches. The first coach with the new signs went into passenger service in November, with the work continuing through 2017.

  • In response to customer feedback, we have introduced corridor-specific Twitter handles to provide service status updates. This move takes us another step further in providing real time, accurate and relevant communications to our customers through a variety of channels. Customer response has been positive, with the initial announcement posts being retweeted and liked over 500 times on social media. The @GOTransit handle remains active and will be focused on network-wide events and broader updates impacting all customers.


Comfort Improvements

  • GO bus service was the subject of three major expansion announcements, introducing new service to Brantford and Cambridge, and expanding express bus service to Kitchener. GO will introduce 44 new bus trips between downtown Brantford and Aldershot GO station, along with 12 new trips from downtown Cambridge to Milton GO station.

  • We added two new GO train trips to the Milton corridor. One peak morning eastbound and one peak afternoon westbound trip began in the fall.  These trips provide over 1,500 more seats in each direction and give customers additional travel options and a faster alternative to driving.

  • We have added several new bus and train trips to help ease capacity issues. A new weekday Lakeshore East train trip will depart Union Station at 11:43 PM and arrive at Oshawa at 12:41 AM. This trip will connect to new route 90 bus trip.

  • Two new weekend northbound bus trips were added, and will depart Oshawa GO for Trent University.  Two new weekend southbound bus trips were added as well, and will depart Trent University. These bus trips will meet trains at Oshawa. A new weekday southbound bus trip will begin at Aurora GO, and arrive at Union Station.

  • On December 5th, we introduced the start of year- round weekend train service on the Barrie line. Barrie summer weekend train service was successfully introduced in 2012 and continued to flourish, with ridership growing to approximately 41,000 rides for the 2016 summer season. We also announced one new Stouffville line trip during both the morning and afternoon rush hours that will begin on January 3rd. This is great news for residents along these corridors, who will benefit from the added service.

  • Starting December 5, 2016 we’re introducing GO service to the new Gormley GO station, located on Stouffville Road between Hwy 404 and Leslie Street, in Richmond Hill. With train and bus service, plenty of parking and a brand new station, there’s more reasons to GO. Five morning and five afternoon peak period train trips will be extended from Richmond Hill GO station to serve the new Gormley GO station. The station features 850 parking spaces, a bus loop, and several amenities for customer convenience including two electric vehicle charging stations, a kiss-and-ride area, heated shelters, and a platform snowmelt system.

Customer Experience Improvements

  • We have expanded the On-line Student Application program. We are pleased to have added the University of Toronto to the program in October, as well as Mohawk College as of January 4thth and The Michener Institute on January 9th. The program was first launched in time for the 2016 academic year with OCAD University being the first institution to implement the new process. This program allows registered full-time students at participating post-secondary institutions to apply for electronic GO Transit-issued Student IDs using the online application.  The objective is to incorporate all post-secondary institutions in time for the 2017 academic year. Making the issuance of student ID easier will reduce fare payment errors and the need for corrective actions.

  • Metrolinx is working to upgrade the current Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) Pin Pads. This will ensure that we continue to meet changing industry standards and evolving customer expectations. The upgrade is planned for all 200+ machines across the combined GO Transit and UP Express networks and is targeted to be complete by Fall of 2017.
  • We opened a new station building at Square One Bus Terminal to better serve customers and meet growing demand.  Improvements include a new, modern, accessibly designed terminal building and three new Ticket Vending Machines.  These improvements will help us provide a better customer experience at our second-busiest bus facility.

Parking Improvements

  • To meet the needs of customers on the Kitchener corridor, we have added 223 new parking spaces at Mount Pleasant GO station.
  • New multi-level parking structures will be constructed to help address the parking demands at Maple and Rutherford GO stations. These structures will provide more than 1,200 spaces at each location. Construction will begin in 2018 at both locations.
  • Construction will begin this fall to add over 250 parking spaces at the Streetsville GO station, bringing the total number of available spaces to more than 1,700.  Construction is expected to be completed in early 2018. 
  • Approximately 130 new spaces will be added to Square One Bus Terminal, bringing the total number of available spaces to more than 330. Completion is expected next spring.
  • In July, we opened 200 spaces at Mount Joy  GO station.
  • We added almost 70 new parking spaces at 55 Station Rd, which is just a short walk from the King City GO station.  Instead of asphalt, we used interlocking concrete pavers, which are better for the environment.  Any rain water run-off and pollution is now filtered by the crushed gravel which encourages tree growth around the lot.  The pavers also reduce the pooling/icing of water which results in less salt use in the winter.
  • Our new Gormley Station features 850 new parking spaces.


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