Fare Information

How GO Fares Work

The price of your GO trip is based on the distance you’re travelling and your passenger category (adult, student, senior or child). We reward loyal riders through frequent travel PRESTO discounts.

Each GO ticket or pass is valid between two specified points, called fare zones. It doesn’t matter whether you take a GO Train, a GO Bus, or a combination of the two on your trip between these two points – you may use the same ticket for travel.

Fares increased on September 2, 2017; visit the Fare Increase page to learn more.

For the GO Train

Getting on the train is quick and easy. You do not need to deposit or show a ticket or pass every time you ride; however, you must keep your ticket to show during random fare inspections.

It is very important that your ticket (your proof-of-payment) indicates the correct fare zones. Your fare zones are printed on your ticket based on the origin and destination you told the ticket seller.

A Transit Safety Officer, customer attendant, bus driver, or other proper authority can ask to see your ticket on the train or bus. If you cannot show a ticket, you are liable to be fined.

For the GO Bus

Bus drivers inspect tickets and passes when you board and exit the bus.

Where to buy

  • GO Train stations, GO Bus terminals, and GO Transit ticket agencies. See ticket sales hours at all GO locations.
  • GO Bus drivers (single-ride tickets, day passes, and group passes only)
    Note: Passengers travelling on GO Bus service are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance at a GO Train station, bus terminal, or ticket agency, rather than from bus drivers.
  • Ticket Vending Machines. (single-ride tickets, day passes, and PRESTO at select locations) These machines are found at most GO Train stations, and accept credit cards, debit cards, and coins*. Choose your station from a list of all GO locations to find out if it has a ticket vending machine.
    *Machines at Clarkson, Long Branch, Mimico, and Bloor GO Stations do not accept cash

How to buy

You can pay for your tickets or passes with cash (Canadian or U.S.) or travellers cheques. If you’re buying your tickets or passes at a GO Train station, a ticket vending machine*, or at the Newmarket, Yorkdale, York Mills, or Union Station GO Bus Terminal, you can also pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or debit card.

Ticket purchasing made easy

Here are some simple tips to make purchasing your ticket easier:

  • Get your PRESTO card once and load it online as you go. Easy for everyday travel, or the occasional comfort ride to an event.
  • Buy your tickets or passes at your home station or at your local GO Transit ticket agency instead of at Union Station. Make sure to check your home station’s ticket sales hours first. Check the list of stations, terminals, and ticket agencies to find out if there’s a ticket agency near you.
  • PRESTO cards are available at all staffed GO Stations, select GO Bus Terminals, at GO ticket agencies, select ticket vending machines and at prestocard.ca

Discounts with local transit

Many local transit systems connect with the GO Train in your community, so why not leave your car at home? You'll find out how easy it is, and how it can save you money. GO subsidizes your fare and gets you a discounted ride to or from a GO Train station on many local transit systems. Discounts are available on many local transit systems for regular GO customers.

Refunds & exchanges

The GO Train Service Guarantee

We promise to do our best to be on time; however, sometimes delays happen. If your train arrival is delayed by 15 minutes or more, we want to credit what you paid for.

If you paid for your trip using a PRESTO card, submit your claim online using the form on our Service Guarantee page within seven days. If you purchased a single-ride ticket, or day or group pass, be sure to request a credit at a GO station by the end of the following weekday.

Some conditions apply. Learn more about the Service Guarantee.

Remembrance Day & Warriors' Day - Veterans ride for free

Every year on November 11 and for the Warriors' Day Parade at the CNE, we offer free GO transportation for veterans, their companion and currently serving members of the Canadian military.

Veterans and currently serving members of the Canadian military are asked to identify themselves by wearing their medals, beret, blazer, uniform, or other similar belongings while travelling.

Immediate family members of deceased veterans may also ride for free if carrying something to identify their relations to the late veteran, such as service papers or an identification card.