Year-round Barrie Weekend GO Train Service


On December 31, 2016 we introduced year-round weekend GO train service on the Barrie line.

Plan Your Trip

The Barrie line has stops at York University, Rutherford, Maple, King City, Aurora, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, Bradford, Barrie South and Allandale Waterfront GO Stations.


  • Three new trips from Allandale Waterfront GO and seven new trips from Aurora GO making all stops to Union Station.


  • Six new trips to Aurora GO and three new trips to Allandale Waterfront GO from Union Station making all stops.

Print a PDF copy of the Barrie line train schedule here.

Click here to see our full schedule to plan your next trip.

Find Your Fare

GO fares are based on the distance you travel. We offer various types of tickets and passes to fit everyone’s travel needs. Seniors, Students, Children and Groups save on fares.

Save even more with PRESTO! It’s reloadable and can be used to pay your fare while travelling within and between transit systems by the simple tap of a card. The system calculates the fare for your trip and deducts it from the balance stored on your card – all in less than a second.

Have a look at our fares below:

From To Adult Single Ride Adult Single Ride with PRESTO

Union Station

York U



Union Station




Union Station




Union Station

King City



Union Station




Union Station




Union Station

East Gwillimbury



Union Station




Union Station

Barrie South



Union Station

Allandale Waterfront



See our fare calculator for details.

I'm New To GO, Help Me Get Started!

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I'm a Pro, But I've Got Questions!

What's happening to my current bus service?

With the introduction of the new year-round weekend Barrie train service, we made some changes to our bus service.

Route 63 (King City/Toronto):

  • Five new weekend northbound and three southbound trips added.

Route 65 (Barrie):

  • Most weekend trips have been discontinued and service has been reduced to the Wellington St. East at Hwy. 404 Park & Ride.
  • Weekend buses no longer serve Newmarket Bus Terminal or stops along Yonge Street between Green Lane and Aurora GO.

Route 68 (Barrie):

  • There are new weekend bus connections to trains at East Gwillimbury and Aurora GO Stations.
  • Weekend buses no longer serve Newmarket Bus Terminal or stops along Yonge Street between Green Lane and the Newmarket Bus Terminal.
  • Accessibility

    • All GO stations along the Barrie line have fully accessible platforms.

    My PRESTO card already has a default setting to another station

    • If you’re a regular PRESTO user looking to change your default settings to a GO station along the Barrie line, please visit a station attendant.
    • If you’d like to keep your default settings as is, don’t forget to override your settings at the PRESTO machine when travelling on the Barrie line. Press the “Override” button, and then tap your PRESTO card on the device before boarding the train. When you reach your destination, tap off. Your defaults will go back to your regular setting the next time you travel. How convenient is that?