On December 30 2017 we introduced all-day GO Train service along the Barrie line, seven days a week, and rolled out more weekend train service. Plus, we opened the new Downsview Park GO Station with connections to the new TTC Line 1 Extension. With more train service and a brand new station, there’s more reasons to GO.

Plan Your Trip

Weekday Train Service:

New train services will run about every hour in both directions between Aurora GO Station and Union Station during the midday and evenings. There will also be extra morning, late afternoon and late evening train service between Bradford GO Station and Union Station. Connecting bus service will be introduced or adjusted to ensure timed connections to and from trains.

Weekend Train Service:

We’ve also increased our existing all-day weekend train service from every 75 minutes to hourly. Connecting bus service was adjusted too.

Downsview Park GO Station:

GO Transit and the TTC have collaborated to bring you the new Downsview Park Station, which now allows customers to easily connect between subway and GO Train service. Located just west of Sheppard West and Chesswood Drive on the Barrie corridor, GO Train service will be above ground and subway service below ground. Downsview Park station is part of the New TTC Line 1 Extension and together they open up new trip options to destinations beyond the Barrie corridor, like Yorkdale Mall or the University of Toronto.

York University:

Weekday trains will continue to stop at York University GO Station during rush hour. Plus, you can enjoy all-day GO Train service to Downsview Park Station seven days a week beginning December 30th. By using Downsview Park GO Station to connect to the TTC’s new Line 1 subway extension, the heart of York University campus is just a short hop away.

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Find Your Fare

GO fares are based on the distance you travel. We offer various types of tickets and passes to fit everyone’s travel needs. Seniors, Students, Children and Groups save on fares.

Save even more with PRESTO! It’s reloadable and can be used to pay your fare while travelling within and between transit systems by the simple tap of a card. The system calculates the fare for your trip and deducts it from the balance stored on your card – all in less than a second.

Customers with PRESTO cards can save even more when making trips combining GO and TTC. PRESTO will automatically charge only $1.50 for the TTC portion of their combined fare, or half the price of an adult TTC fare paid with tickets or tokens.

See our fare calculator for details.


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Existing GO Bus Service

  • By introducing new train service, we’re providing more options to many customers. We did modify the bus service, so if you’re used to travelling to or from Union on GO bus routes 63 or 65 on weekdays during the midday or evening periods, you may need to adjust your travel patterns. To learn more about the changes for existing midday and evening customers, check out our pages for Route 63 and Route 65.

Downsview Park GO Station

  • GO Transit and TTC are connected just steps from each other. You can catch your GO Train upstairs or subway downstairs.
  • The station is fully accessible and will include elevators, escalators, ramps and other features necessary for you to travel with ease. The platform features a snowmelt system and heated shelters. There is also a bike shelter and GO ticket sales booth.
  • There are no bathrooms at this location, please use the ones of the GO Train.
  • Learn more about Downsview Park GO Station

My PRESTO card already has a default setting to another station

  • If you’re a regular PRESTO user looking to change your default setting to Downsview Park GO Station, please see a GO station attendant - they’ll be happy to change it for you.
  • If you’d like to keep your default settings as is, don’t forget to override your settings at the PRESTO machine when travelling to Downsview Park. Press the “Override” button, and then tap your PRESTO card on the device before boarding the train. When you reach your destination, tap off. Your defaults will go back to your regular setting the next time you travel. If you plan on transferring to the TTC, you’ll have to tap on for that ride.


  • Parking improvements are underway. Both Rutherford and Maple GO will have 1,200 net new parking spaces in parking garages that will be underway in 2018 and 2019. King City GO will get additional parking through station upgrades expected to begin in 2019.
  • For now, we encourage you to use alternative modes of transportation to and from your GO Station such as carpooling and taking local transit. Find out more here.

Train Bells & Whistles

  • Whether you’re a customer, or just live close to a railway crossing, with more train trips running along the Barrie line you may hear more bells and whistles.
  • To learn more please visit our Railways in your Community page.