Google Transit Trip Planner

Through the technology of Google Maps, Google’s Transit Trip Planner integrates GO station, stop, route and schedule information to make trip planning quick and easy.

Simply enter where you are, where you want to go, and when you want to be there; Google will do the planning for you.

Not sure how to use Google’s Transit Trip Planner? Read our How-to Guide.

Any other questions? Check out some frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions - Transit Trip Planner

Why is GO Transit using Google Transit?

GO Transit is pleased to offer Google’s Transit Trip Planner on Google Transit provides the technology to bring the GTHA’s transit systems together for trip planning purposes. GO has promised to help passengers quickly and courteously, and participating in Google Transit was a natural fit. This service provides an easy, free and fast way for GO customers to get trip information.

What other agencies in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) are participating in Google Transit?

  • TTC
  • York Region Transit (YRT)/VIVA
  • Hamilton Street Railway (HSR)
  • Mississauga Transit (MiWay)
  • Burlington Transit
  • Brampton Transit, and;
  • VIA Rail

…more to come!

Is there a way to plan a trip through Google using GO Transit exclusively?

Google’s Transit Trip Planner uses a combination of participating agencies to calculate the best trip plans. There is no way to select an individual transit agency for your trip plan; however, you may now select the transportation mode by which you travel.

If the trip planner suggests combining two or more transit agencies, do I have to pay individual fares separately?

Depending on what transit systems you ride, yes – for now. An integrated fare payment system for transit agencies in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas is already in the works with the PRESTO fare card system.

The PRESTO card offers seamless fare integration between participating transit systems. Visit the PRESTO site for more information.

Are the times provided in real time?

The times provided by the trip planner are the scheduled times found in the GO Transit timetables on our website. This also means that temporary detours and service disruptions are not reflected in the trip results. Arrive early to ensure that you do not miss your train or bus. Please check our Service Updates page, or sign-up for E-News for up-to-the-minute updates.

Is Google Transit accessible?

Google Transit has accessibility features for persons who use screen readers or Braille displays. The technology of Google Maps provides an easy-to-use interface that gives trip information on these devices.

Can Google Transit be accessed on mobile devices?

Google Transit can be accessed on mobile devices through the Google Maps application.

What can I do if aerial map view is out-of-date?

If the aerial view on Google Maps is out of date or difficult to see, you may choose to notify Google using the “Report a problem” tool in Google Maps. GO Transit is not responsible for the accuracy of Google Maps, including the road networks and satellite images.

What if I know a better routing plan?

Google Transit uses a complex system to determine the best three options for a search or query. This process (officially called an algorithm) considers factors such as minimum travel time, minimum number of transfers and minimum walking distance/time. It is meant to be a tool to help customers access schedule information.

Why is my trip plan suggesting I "backtrack" to complete my trip, and how do I know the required fare in this case?

Backtracking refers to suggestions that you travel away from your destination only to have you travel back again (towards your destination). While it may seem odd for the trip planner to provide a backtracking option, it may be logical from a travel time perspective at certain times during the day.

In some cases, when you plan a trip using the Google Trip Planner, you may be provided with a planned trip that involves backtracking, transfers, or extended wait times. In the event this occurs, please contact GO Transit or the local transit provider to confirm the connections and determine the fare.

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