Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure at GO Stations

GO Transit is piloting designated electric vehicle (EV) parking and charging capacity at 10 GO Transit stations in two phases. Two parking spaces with EV charging capacity are available at the following GO stations:

  • Ajax GO
  • Aurora GO
  • Burlington GO
  • Centennial GO
  • Clarkson GO
  • Erindale GO
  • Lincolnville GO
  • Oakville GO
  • Pickering GO
  • Whitby GO

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For quick and easy access to the EV charging network in the GTHA, register online for a Chargepoint membership.

Reduce Emissions. Improve Air Quality. Join the EV movement!

What are the benefits of EVs?

  • Cost Savings: lower vehicle operating and maintenance costs; reduced oil dependency
  • Quieter: reduced vehicle noise
  • Environmental: Reduced emissions and increased energy efficiency

Operating an electric vehicle also means that you are ahead of the curve using recent technology to do your part to conserve the environment.

Why are we implementing EV Charging at GO Stations?

The Big Move, Metrolinx’s regional transportation plan for the GTHA, focuses on building a sustainable transportation system to lower our carbon footprint, conserve resources, and contribute to a legacy of a healthy and clean environment for future generations.

Metrolinx is also supporting the Government of Ontario’s vision for electric vehicles in the province, to support the creation of jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The government's vision is for one of every 20 vehicles on our roads to be an electric vehicle by 2020. This pilot provides Metrolinx the opportunity to lead by example and demonstrate the viability of electric vehicles.

For more information on this pilot, or to test your EV knowledge, please visit our FAQ page.