Wi-Fi on the GO

Wi-Fi at select GO stations

Free Wi-Fi is now available at almost all GO stations and bus terminals.

GO continues to explore ways to provide Wi-Fi technology to customers while on the GO system as part of our Passenger Charter promise of keeping customers in the know, and in response to the high number of customer requests for this service.


In early 2012, we committed to exploring the possibility of providing Wi-Fi at our stations and terminals and on our trains and buses. We have taken this commitment seriously and have examined several options. Based on customer feedback, our three objectives for this project include:

  • Provide customers with free, high quality, and reliable internet access;
  • Offer this service with minimal interruption to GO operations; and
  • Ensure this service has a sustainable cost-recovery model (i.e. the cost of providing Wi-Fi will not increase capital or operating expenses for GO).

 As we have found technical and logistical constraints for the implementation of Wi-Fi, on GO Trains in particular, which make these objectives difficult to achieve, we are taking a phased approach to introducing Wi-Fi on our system.

GO Trains and Buses

We are in the process of identifying potential business partners that could provide free customer Wi-Fi services on GO trains and buses. Stay tuned for more information.

Wi-Fi at Union Station

While you wait for your train, you can access free Wi-Fi in the York Concourse and the York West and East Teamways at Union Station.

It’s easy. Select the “_Union-TD Wi-Fi” network on your mobile device to log on for a seamless connection throughout the station. 

For more information about free Wi-Fi at Union Station, visit baicanada.com

Customer support is available through Wi-Fisupport@torontounion.ca or call 416-363-Wi-Fi(9434).