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Whether you plan on riding our system once, or intend to commute regularly, we promise to help you quickly and courteously.

We’ve created this resource to help you learn about using our system. At any time, please feel free to call our Customer Contact Centre at 1-888-438-6646 (1-888-GET-ON-GO) with any questions you may have.

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The GO System

The GO network of trains and buses extends all over the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

GO Trains and GO Buses serve a population of seven million in a 11,000-square-kilometre area extending from downtown Toronto to Kitchener-Waterloo in the north-west; Niagara Falls in the south-west; Orangeville, Barrie, and Beaverton to the north; Stouffville, Uxbridge, and Peterborough in the northeast; and Oshawa and Newcastle in the east. We connect with every municipal transit system in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas, including the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).

GO Transit has seven rail lines, all branching from Union Station in downtown Toronto. Each line is named for the region in which it travels. Our seven train lines are Lakeshore West, Milton, Kitchener, Barrie, Richmond Hill, Stouffville, and Lakeshore East. At peak rush-hour periods, train service is available at all stations.

GO System Map

Planning your route

Planning your route through our expansive network has never been easier.

Get to where you need to go with Triplinx—the official transit trip planner for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area. Easy-to-use yet powerful—simply enter your departure location and destination info, and Triplinx will connect the dots for you.

In addition and in partnership with Google, GO Transit provides an interactive online Google Transit Trip Planner. Simply enter your starting location and your destination, and the Transit Trip Planner will give you a route with stop times incorporating GO’s network along with most GTHA municipal transit systems.

The Google Transit Trip Planner does not take into account service disruptions. Please check our Service Updates page or subscribe to On the GO for up-to-the-minute updates.

If you would like to learn how to use the Google Transit Trip Planner, please read our how-to guide.


Triplinx has schedules, fares, and service information to help you do what you’re supposed to do—enjoy the ride.

The Transit Trip Planner integrates GO’s schedules when planning your trip. See the Planning Your Route section above for how to use the tool.

Our schedules are also available online at or through GO Mobile, our mobile app. You can use the Schedule Finder to determine what schedule works for you.

Peak and off-peak hours

Train and bus schedules have been developed to reflect the needs of the majority of passengers. During peak-periods (6:30 – 9:30 A.M. and 3:30 – 6:30 P.M., Monday to Friday), trains run more frequently and offer express trips between our busiest stations and Union Station.

There is less demand for train and bus service during off-peak hours and, as a result, frequency of trips is reduced.

During weekday off-peak hours, trains run only on the Lakeshore line between Aldershot and Oshawa.

During the week, many of our stations are only served by buses during off-peak hours. Please be sure to check for more details.

On weekends, train service only runs between Aldershot and Oshawa on the Lakeshore line. The rest of the GO network is served by bus.

Fares & Tickets


The price of your GO trip is based on the distance you’re traveling and your passenger category (adult, student, senior or child). Loyal riders receive frequent-travel discounts by using a PRESTO card.

To calculate your fare, please visit

Each GO ticket or pass is valid between two specified points, called fare zones. It doesn’t matter whether you take a GO Train, a GO Bus, or a combination of the two between these two points – you may use the same ticket for the trip.

The PRESTO card is an electronic card that determines your fare based on how far your trip is, and how often you travel. The more you ride in a month, the less each trip costs. PRESTO also works between many of the GTHA’s transit systems, meaning one card is all you need for all your trips. Visit the PRESTO page to find more.

Fare Options

Type Available for the passenger category indicated Description
Adult Senior (65+) Child (6-12) Student
Single-ride check mark check mark check mark   1 one-way between 2 fare zones.
PRESTO check mark check mark check mark check mark Electronic fare card, fare is relative to monthly usage. Recommended for frequent riders.
Day pass check mark check mark   check mark Unlimited travel between 2 fare zones for the day specified.
Group Pass dash dash dash dash Unlimited travel between 2 fare zones for the day specified. Valid for up to 5 people, including 1-2 adults.

Proof of Payment

For GO Train passengers, we rely on POP (proof of payment) honour system. You are not asked to show a ticket every time you board our trains. However, you are expected to be able to present a proof of payment when asked while on a GO vehicle. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

For GO Bus passengers, the drivers inspect the tickets and passes as you board and disembark the bus.

Fare Paid Zone

Purchasing your ticket

Tickets and passes may be purchased at specific GO Train Stations, GO Bus Terminals, or from local agencies at specific times. Please visit your station or terminal’s page, for specific ticket information.

Single-ride and day passes are available for purchase from ticket vending machines or bus drivers; they accept cash under $20.

PRESTO cards may be reloaded online or in person. Visit the PRESTO page for information on our convenient electronic card system.

Service Updates

With GO’s Passenger Charter, we promise to keep our passengers in the know. When interruptions or delays happen, we try to get the word out immediately to our riders.

On the GO sign-up

On the GO is a subscription service that lets you sign up for timely, customized news about the service you use. Once registered, you will receive e-mail or text message alerts about service improvements, new schedules, any major delays, construction notices, and other news and information.

Check our Service Updates page for up-to-the minute information about your trip.

Also, you can tune in to CP24 and 680News for frequent updates during peak hours.


For information about what amenities are available at particular stations, visit our station pages.



GO Trains and most stations are equipped with washrooms. GO Buses do not have washrooms on board.



We have made a great effort to make our services accessible to all passengers.

The majority of GO stations are accessible to passengers who use mobility devices such as wheelchairs and scooters — or anyone preferring step-free access to the train, including senior citizens, passengers with medical conditions, or people with luggage or baby strollers. Many of our buses "kneel" to make it easier to board, and several GO Bus routes offer wheelchair-accessible service on some or all trips.

Please visit our accessibility page for more information.



Most GO stations have free customer parking for cars and bicycles. To find out more about a specific station’s parking options, visit our station list page.

Also, our Parking page has general information about reserved parking, how to practice safe and courteous parking, and parking fines.


Safety & Security

We promise to always take your safety seriously.

If you haven't already, please record these numbers:

  • 1.877.297.0642 - Transit Safety Dispatch (24 hours a day)
  • 911 for life threatening emergencies or crimes in progress


Call our Transit Safety Dispatch or find Transit Safety staff if you are involved in or see…

  • an incident on the GO system
  • harassment
  • parking dispute
  • a suspicious package
  • unsafe or prohibited activity

Our safety programs and practices have made our system one of the safest in North America. We regularly work with community emergency response teams, such as police and firefighters, and offer a hands-on training program to ensure they are familiar with our safety procedures.

Learn more on our Safety & Security page.

Why take the GO?

GO Green

Each GO Train operating in rush hour removes the equivalent of seven kilometres of cars bumper to bumper from the roads. Running 252 trains per day, that amounts to several Gardiner Expressways every weekday!

GO Transit helps you do your part by giving you the greener choice.

We promise to make your experience comfortable

Our customers always tell us how much they enjoy the relaxing experience of riding GO. Need a little quiet time? Want to plan your day or unwind after work? On the GO, you can read, use your laptop, listen to music or have a quick nap. GO trains and buses are comfortable and convenient.

Contacting Us

Call 1-888- 438-6646 (1-888-GET-ON-GO), or visit our Contact Us page.