About Union Station

Situated in Toronto on Front Street between Bay and York, Union Station is the major inter-city transportation hub of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). The station sees over 200,000 travelers a day, the majority being commuters from all over the GTHA.

Union Station facilitates rail service from Via Rail, Amtrak, Ontario Northland, and GO Transit. With the adjoining TTC station and GO Bus Terminal, Union Station earns the title of busiest passenger transportation facility in Canada.


The ownership of Union Station has been shared between the City of Toronto and GO Transit since 2000. The City of Toronto owns the station building, while the trainshed, platforms, and tracks are owned by GO Transit.


Together with the City of Toronto, GO Transit is undertaking an exciting revitalization of Union Station. The station building and trainshed will be transformed into a modern interpretation of a historical landmark. Passengers can expect new staircases, additional vertical access points, and an overhaul of the look and feel of the station platforms and concourses. Preserving the historical elements of this almost century-old building is integral in the redesign.

To learn more, please visit the GO Transit and City of Toronto Union Station Revitalization pages.


Union Station is deeply embedded in Toronto history. The current building opened its doors in 1927, although its history dates back to 1858 with the debut of the first of three stations. The Union Station we know today was designed in the Ecole des Beaux-Arts style by a team of architects composed of the Montreal Firm of G.A. Ross and R.H. Macdonald, Hugh Jones of the CPR and John M. Lyle of Toronto. Its construction was commissioned by the Canadian Pacific Railway and Grand Trunk Railways.

In over 150 years, Union Station has survived the Great Toronto Fire of 1904, hosted concerts, appeared as the backdrop in featured films and most of all, has served travelers near and far.


Union Station has a total gross floor area of approximately 706,426 sq. ft., servicing 41 km of track, and 6 km of station platforms. To help navigate the network of tracks, concourse, and platforms, see the map below. 

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Map of Union Station