• Triplinx

    An easier way to plan your trip

    The Triplinx regional trip planning tool is now live and ready to help you find your way around the GTHA!

    Whether it’s planning your route, or finding schedules and fares, Triplinx will help you get where you need to go on transit systems across the region!

  • Bike to Work Day

    Gear up!

    Bike to Work Day is Monday, May 25, 2015!

    Get all the details at BikeToWorkDay.ca


  • Just Don’t

    Just Don’t

    Staying behind that yellow line puts you at a safe distance from oncoming trains. Just don’t cross the line when it comes to your safety. Remember, the best commute is a safe one. More safety information here.

  • We're Celebrating a Birthday

    We’re Celebrating a Birthday

    GO is one year older on Saturday, May 23. We’re proud to celebrate 48 years of service. Happy Birthday to us and thanks to all our wonderful riders! Our customers are our greatest gift!

  • GO News Spring 2015 Edition


    Hot off the press, the GO News Spring 2015 Edition is here! This edition is chock-full of interesting articles, tips on how to maximize your commute, and the latest scoop on what’s happening at GO.

    You can check it out online here

    You can also pick up your free copy today! Available at all GO stations and on board trains.

  • Construction projects

    Here’s How We’re Growing and Improving

    Want to know more about our construction projects? Check out what we’re doing and how it will improve your travel experience. You can also see the thousands of photos that show our progress.