• Niagara

    Looking for a weekend getaway? Just GO!

    Toronto to Niagara. Niagara to Toronto. Either way, we’ll take you there. Now, let’s plan your May long weekend getaway.

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  • Self-serve reload machine

    Save Time with PRESTO Self-Serve Reload

    Self-serve reload machines allow you to load values instantly to your PRESTO card with a credit/debit card, so you can save time and make time for more important things in life.

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  • Twitter


    You asked for Twitter updates by line, and we delivered! We’ve opened up realtime line feeds on Twitter so you’ll know what we know, immediately and in detail.

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  • Etiquette


    Let’s put a stop to bad etiquette on transit.

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  • GO's 50th

    50 years young and still growing

    GO Transit has spent the last 50 years bringing you closer to the places you want to go. So, what about the next 50? We’ve got big things planned as we continue our commitment to take you further, faster and more often than ever before.

    Stay tuned for more information as we celebrate this milestone on May 23rd. To learn more about our past, present and future, visit our virtual museum here.

  • Station Attendant

    Our Passenger Charter

    GO Transit's Passenger Charter is a set of five promises we're making to you, our valued customer. The following promises have been made by every GO employee to ensure that every customer has a safe and easy experience on the GO. Find out more and watch the video.