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Full-version Schedules Full-version Schedules
Looking for the comprehensive schedule for your route?
Check out the full-version schedules. PDFs are available for easy printing.


Easy-read Schedules
Easy-read Schedules

Arriving at or departing from Union Station, Square One, York University or the Airport during the week?
Check out the easy-read, easy-printable schedules designed to fold-up nicely in your pocket.

For upcoming planned schedule changes, please see the Schedule Changes page.

Need help?

GO's Schedule Finder
GO's Schedule Finder

If you give us some information about where you're trying to go, we can tell you the right
schedule to look at.

Google Trip Planner
Google's Transit Trip Planner

Simply enter where you are, where you want to go, and when you want to be there; Google
will do the planning for you.

Service At-A-Glance

Lakeshore WestOn Time
Lakeshore EastOn Time
KitchenerOn Time
StouffvilleOn Time
Richmond HillOn Time
BarrieOn Time
MiltonOn Time
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