- Construction at GO stations and terminals

Station Updates

Construction at GO stations and terminals

We use this space to give you basic information about construction or renovation projects that may be affecting your station or parking lot. This information is as current as possible.

Here is the information we have to report at this time:

Appleby GO Station
COMPLETION DATE: Early 2016. GO Transit continues to improve the Appleby GO Station. To improve customer safety and convenience, we are repairing the north and south parking lots, relocating the south Kiss N’ Ride, adding energy efficient lighting and enhancing the south bus loop to provide more convenient access to GO and regional buses.
Bloor GO Station
COMPLETION DATE: Summer 2015. To access the trains at Bloor customers will use the Railpath entrance closest to Randolph Avenue, walk down the stairs, through the pedestrian tunnel and up the stairs onto the new platform, following the signs to the northern end of the island platform. The rest of the island platform and the side platform will be blocked off while we continue work on the station.

Customer Impacts: Please use the last five cars when travelling to Bloor from Union and the first five cars when travelling from Kitchener to Bloor. Use the new island platform to board and exit trains at Bloor Station.
Bramalea GO Station
COMPLETION DATE: Summer 2017. Starting Monday, January 19th all trains will be using the north platform only. The south parking lot remains open but customers will only have access to the west tunnel. Accessible parking will move from the south lot to the north parking lot. The work to extend the platform, install heated shelters, canopies, and a snowmelt system is expected to continue until the fall of 2017. Restrictions to the south lot and platform are expected to last until Fall 2015.

Customer Impact: All trains will be using the north platform. Accessible parking will be available in the north parking lot only.
Bronte GO Station
COMPLETION DATE: Spring 2016. Improvements will be made to the existing platforms by adding a snowmelt system, accessible boarding area and platform canopies.

Customer Impact: The access to the east tunnel entrance will be closed and trains will not stop in their regular spots. Passengers will be required to board and exit the train by moving to the west end of the platform.
Burlington GO Station
COMPLETION DATE: Summer 2015. A new station building and enhanced south bus loop to make it a more modern link to safe, comfortable and convenient public transportation.

Customer Impacts: Ticket windows and passenger washrooms in the station building will be closed. Both will be relocated to the north side of station in front of the parking structure. Tickets will be sold from a temporary trailer. The bus loop and the west tunnel will be closed from the south side. East tunnel will provide access to the platforms and north side of the station. Elevators on the south side will be out of service. Elevator access will be from the north side of the station only.
Clarkson GO Station
COMPLETION DATE: Spring 2016. All five levels in the parking structure are now open, offering reserved and general parking spaces. Work will continue to complete the elevators and other building features. The accessible parking spots remain open in the main parking area next to the Kiss & Ride.

Customer Impacts: The west tunnel near the parking structure is now available for use and the doors from the main stairwell to levels one and two are also open. Customers parking on levels three and up must use alternate stairwells until the main stairwell is fully complete. Rolling weekend closures will be required to complete the tunnel and stairwell. Also, work continues on the parking garage elevators and is expected to be completed in fall 2015.
Cooksville GO Station
COMPLETION DATE: Spring 2015. This project will be completed in two phases and it involves the rehabilitation of the platform, new drainage system and newly installed heated platform shelters.

Customer Impact: The west Kiss ‘N’ Ride and bicycle racks will be closed to all for construction access. Also, the installation of a new stormwater drainage system at the southwest tunnel entrance near the bus stop located at the south side of the parking lot will require some parking spaces to be closed; however customers will still continue to have bus access. The west tunnel will be closed for repairs, customers may continue to use the east tunnel which will remain open at all times whilst under construction . Customers may use the new tunnel located behind the parking structure to access the newly rehabilitated section of the platform. See below for train boarding information. Minimal impact as most work will take place during off-peak hours.
Effective January 26 until Spring 2015: Starting Monday, January 26, underground utility work will begin near the west tunnel. Parking spot lengths in that area will be shortened to accommodate construction and a few will be temporarily closed until spring 2015. This work will also reduce the width of the laneway, so please proceed with caution.
Dixie GO Station
Effective February 4, 2015: The Region of Peel has started construction along Dixie Rd. on the Hanlan Water Project. Starting February 4th, due to the nature of the work and the scheduled road closures, access to the intersection of Blundell and Dixie Roads will be limited. We recommend that you give yourself extra time to travel to and from the Dixie GO station. For more information on this project please contact the Public Works Department at the Region of Peel
Eglinton GO Station
COMPLETION DATE: Late 2016. We're making improvements to this station which include a new station building and making it fully accessible. See Customer Bulletin for details.

Customer Impact: Starting February 9th, the platform shelter closest to the station building will be removed to accommodate the construction of new pedestrian tunnels.

Starting the week of February 16th, the platform shelters located south of the station building and the shelter closest to the east tunnel will be removed. A temporary Kiss & Ride will open just west of the current one which can also be accessed via the same driveway off Eglinton Avenue. Please note that approximately 20 parking spaces in the south parking lot will be used to store construction equipment and will be inaccessible for approximately two weeks.
Etobicoke North GO Station
COMPLETION DATE: Spring 2015. Effective October 14th, major changes will begin. You will board and exit trains from the newly constructed north platform which can be accessed from the south parking lot. Customer service, waiting areas and public washrooms will be available at the ticket building on the north platform. PRESTO and ticket vending machines will be available close to the new ticket building.

The Bolton bus loop, accessible parking spaces and Kiss ‘N’ Ride lanes will be relocated to the south-west corner of the Home Depot parking lot. There will be a new ramp to access the north platform. This is only a temporary solution as the north parking remains closed. Only passengers requiring accessible spaces are permitted to park in the Home Depot lot.

This change is necessary so that we can demolish the south platform and station building to build a new train track, which will help to increase the reliability of train service. Station improvements will be made to the parking lot, bus loop and platforms shelters.
Exhibition GO Station
COMPLETION DATE: Summer 2015. Starting January 15th, 2015, trains will not stop in their regular spot on the north platform due to construction. These adjustments are required so we can improve the existing platforms by adding a snowmelt system, accessible boarding area and platform canopies.

Customer Impacts: During construction customers will need to adjust where they board and exit the train.
Lisgar GO Station
Completion Date: Early 2015. This project involves the rehabilitation and installation of both heated train and bus platforms, installation of heated bus shelters, updating station signage and the resurfacing of walkways around the station building.

Customer Impact: The accessibility parking along the east side of the station building will be temporarily relocated to the north side of the station building. Effective Oct 17th, bus stops will be relocated to the west side of the bus loop so that ongoing repairs can be completed.
Malton GO Station
COMPLETION DATE: Summer 2015. This project will include the rehabilitation of the east tunnel, installation of new shelters, upgraded bus waiting area, canopies and covered staircases.

Customer Impact: The bus stop has been temporarily been relocated just west of the existing loading area; closer to the beginning of the bus loop. The east tunnel will be closed during construction and customers can only access the platform via the west tunnel.
Newmarket GO Station
COMPLETION DATE: Mid-2015. This project will be completed in three phases and involves the extension of the north end of the existing platform to accommodate Davis Drive widening. Improvements will include lighting, PA and CCTV coverage along the platform extension, increased platform access, rehabilitated parking lot, new ticket booth and a waiting area with improved accessibility.

Customer Impact: During the first phase the north half of the platform will be closed and only the five south coaches will open their doors. Customers will have to board the south half of the train. Please listen to onboard announcements for details.
Pickering GO Station
COMPLETION DATE: Summer 2015. Work continues on the link to the Hwy. 401 pedestrian bridge, covered accessible parking area, landscaping and promenade on the south side of the structure. The Hwy. 401 bridge will narrow over the platform to allow for construction of the platform-level elevators. Additionally, a small section of near the south elevator will close in order to connect the pedestrian walkway to the new parking structure.

COMPLETION DATE: Early 2015. The east end of platforms 1 and 2 are closed as we work to install new elevators directly to the pedestrian bridge.

Customer Impact: The east-end of the platform will be out of service and passengers are only able to use the west-end coaches (5 and above).

COMPLETION DATE: Summer 2015. Construction to replace the canopy on the south-east side of the station building is planned. During this work, passengers will always be able to use at least one east-facing door and access the bus loop.
Stouffville GO Station
COMPLETION DATE: March 2015. Parking lot expansion at 67 Edward St. to create an additional 60 parking spaces. The lot will be temporarily closed to remove the building.

Customer Impact: Customers may park either at Lincolnville or Mount Joy GO Stations.
Union Station
COMPLETION DATE: 2016. There are a number of exciting and ongoing construction projects at Union Station that may result in changes to your boarding patterns. We recommend passengers give themselves additional travel time to purchase their tickets and board train and bus services. For information on the construction projects in and around Union Station, please visit the Union Station Revitalization website.

Customer Impacts: Vehicle access to Front Street is very limited. The configuration of Front Street changes often to accommodate construction phases. All pedestrians exiting the station to the north should follow wayfinding signage to Bay, York and Front Streets. Customers travelling by taxi may use Bremner Blvd to the south of the station. The construction at Union Station is expected to be substantially complete by summer 2015.
West Harbour GO Station
For information about construction at this station, see our improvements page.
Weston GO Station
COMPLETION DATE: Mid 2015. Station will be relocated to the south side of Lawrence Ave. W. and will be under construction until mid-2015.

Starting Monday, March 2nd, 2015, please note the changes to the way you will board and exit trains.

Customers will use the side platform to board and exit trains as the island platform will be out of service due to an ongoing track work. You can access the side platform, accessible ramp and shelters by using the ramp from the parking lot. This change is expected to remain in effect until the commencement of the Union Pearson(UP) Express service in Spring 2015. We anticipate the majority of the construction to be completed by Spring.

Customer Impact: The ticket sales trailer and washroom is temporarily relocated. It is located adjacent to Weston Park Baptist Church and accessible by pedestrian walkway. The Presto balance checker is adjacent to the trailer. The expanded parking lot is fenced off and portions of this lot are available as construction continues. The completed project will result in an improved Weston GO Station.

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