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We promise to do our best to be on time; however, sometimes delays happen. We update this page with information about delays of 10 minutes or more to keep you in the know. Scroll below for status of your service.

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Lakeshore West

  • The fatality near Rouge Hill GO on the Lakeshore East line has had little effect so far on the Lakeshore West Line. However, passengers are advised to continue to anticipate delays and possible cancellations for the next hour or so.

Lakeshore East

  • We have been advised a fatality on the tracks east of Rouge Hill GO Station. We expect that this will affect service for the next 2 hours. During this time, some trains will run between Union and Guildwood; and between Pickering and Oshawa. Shuttle buses will operate between Guildwood, Rouge Hill and Pickering GO Stations. See updates below:

    * Oshawa GO 11:08 - Union Station 12:11 train has struck a person and is holding East of Rouge Hill.
    * The Oshawa GO 12:08 - Union Station 13:11 train is delayed 11 minutes from Oshawa
    * The Union Station 12:13 - Oshawa GO 13:11 train train is cancelled,
    Your next scheduled departure is the Union Station 12:43 - Oshawa GO 13:41 train
    * The Union 12:43 - Oshawa GO 13:41 train is delayed 6 minutes from Danforth GO
    * The Oshawa GO 11:38 - Union Station 12:41 train arrived Union 28 minutes late due to fatality.
    * The Union Station 13:13 - Oshawa GO 14:11 train will be operating normal service making all stops from Union to Oshawa.

  • The Union Station 13:13 - Oshawa GO 14:11 train is holding at Eglinton because of fatality east of Rouge Hill. current delay is 16 minutes.
  • The Oshawa GO 13:08 - Union Station 14:11 train is operating normal schedule making all stops to Union station. current delay is 23 minutes from Pickering.
Last Update: 2:16:58 PM

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