Special Information

December 22, 2014 21:57

Here is the information we have to report at 03:52, April 4, 2014

Ajax GO Station - New Tunnel Access & Train Boarding: Effective until mid 2014 Due to ongoing construction work to improve the platforms at your station, the east end of the platform is closed along with the east tunnel. Train access will be from the west end of the platform only as the four most east end coaches will remain closed. We thank you for you patience. Bloor GO Station - Station Improvements & Train Boarding: Effective until early 2015 The east half of the north platform is closed. Trains will stop further west of the platform and the five west end coaches will be off the west end of the north platform. Therefore, please board and exit the train through the five east end coaches only. We thank you for you patience. Danforth GO Station - Staircase Closure: Effective until April 4, 2014 The south staircase is closed for construction. Elevators will be the only access to the tunnel from the south walkway. Passengers may also use Main St to cross to the south side. We thank you for you patience. Kitchener GO Station - Region of Waterloo Road Constrution & Train Boarding: Effective December 6, 2014 - April 2014 The two west end coaches of the train will be closed and passengers are required to use the eight east end coaches located immediately behind the locomotive to board the train. We thank you for you patience.

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