GO Concourse Improvements

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The Bay Street Concourse was closed for renovations on August 16, 2015. Once completed in Spring 2018, the total GO Concourse area (York and Bay Concourse combined) will be triple the original size prior to revitalization work. Improvements include:

  • Better platform access: Customers will be able to access the full length of the platform from the concourse level
  • Connections to the new retail level below
  • An improved, accessible connection to the PATH system through the TTC Union subway station: The new retail level, TTC station entrance, and PATH system will all be at the same level (currently stairs separate the various levels)

During the approximate two-year renovation, the recently opened York Concourse will be the central hub for GO customers. The York Concourse has customer service counters, PRESTO machines, and access to all GO Train platforms. Other customer conveniences in the York Concourse include:

  • Access to the concourse and platforms from a new York East Teamway (similar to the existing York West Teamway)
  • A new northwest PATH tunnel
  • Escalators to the concourse level from the Great Hall
  • Escalators to the new retail level (opening at a later date)

For more information on how the closure of the Bay Concourse will affect your commute, visit gotransit.com/bay.


  • New retail spaces open in Summer 2016
  • The Bay Concourse closed for revitalization on August 16, 2015
  • The new York Concourse opened April 27, 2015


  • City of Toronto Construction Started: June 2010
  • GO Transit Assumed York Concourse: Early 2015
  • York Concourse Opened: April 27, 2015
  • Closure of Bay Concourse: August 16, 2015
  • Opening of New Bay Concourse: Spring 2018