Train Shed Roof Revitalization

The renovation of the train shed (the roof covering the platforms and tracks) is a major component of the Union Station renewal project. The objective is to renovate and restore the east and west portions of the shed totaling approximately 30,000 square metres (300,000 square feet) and to replace the central 5,000 square metres (50,000 square feet) of the train shed with a large glass atrium. The train shed is a designated heritage structure, so we worked with Parks Canada in the overall design, ensuring that the heritage character will be preserved.

The completed glass atrium floats over the tracks, providing daylight at platform level and a visual connection from the station to the waterfront. The view of the roof, which is visible from offices and other tall buildings in the area, will be improved by a green roof. These changes will help reduce the “heat island” effect that raises temperatures in urban areas and reduce the concentration of rainwater run-off.

The work is expected to take six years as the project will be done in phases to minimize disruption to daily train service. We will restore, repair and renovate all elements from the top of the roof down to track level, including:

  • Addition of two elevators to the mid-east side of the shed
  • Ongoing phased work - over two tracks at a time, from south to north - including installation of new trainshed roof over the area, and repairing and restoring of historic steel structure

CURRENT STATUS: September 2015

  • Revitalization of Tracks 11/12, 1, and 2 is complete
  • Revitalization of Track 10 is underway
  • Trainshed restoration to original design over Tracks 1 and 2 is complete
  • Six new elevators installed on west side of trainshed
  • Atrium glass installation is complete
  • Platforms 20/21 currently closed for revitalization related construction


  • Construction Started: January 11, 2010
  • Phase One: Completed Spring 2013
  • Phase Two: Completed Spring 2015
  • Phase Three: Scheduled Complete End of 2015
  • Train Shed Project: Scheduled Complete Spring 2017