It’s GO Time!

Be in the know on how to GO.

We're ready to welcome you back! We're here to share important and new information regarding trip planning, schedules, cashless payment, COVID-19 safety measures, and more to help you return to GO safely and easily.

Top 10 things to know before you ride with us:

1. We’ve Gone Self-Serve and Cashless

Trip planning has never been easier! Plan your trip and buy GO e-tickets online or load your PRESTO card instantly on the PRESTO App ahead of time. You can do it all from the comfort of your home before you get to your station. Credit card users can prepare to tap their credit card onto a PRESTO machine to pay their fare when they get to the station or board the bus - please remember to tap off if you don't have a default trip set on your credit card.


Our train and bus schedules continue to change to serve you better. Avoid any last minute surprises by checking our latest schedules and planning your trip ahead of time with our easy-to-use scheduling option.

Making trip connections with another transit agency? Remember to check the schedules with your local transit provider and plan your trip from start to finish on Triplinx.

PRESTO – Convenient and Cashless

PRESTO is our fare payment system that allows you to pay for your trips instantly. Just tap your PRESTO card, credit card or a digital credit card on your phone or watch onto a fare payment device, and your fare is instantly calculated and deducted from your account or credit card.

Get the PRESTO App on the App Store or on Google Play to access time-saving features that allow you to instantly load funds onto your PRESTO card, check your card balance, set your default trip and more.

Set up Autoload and you’ll never have to stress about your card balance again. The Autoload feature reloads your PRESTO card automatically when your balance drops below the dollar amount that you set as your minimum card balance.

Don’t have a PRESTO card? You’ve got options!

You can buy one at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations or online at You can also buy one from a Ticket Vending Machine at select GO stations.

GO e-tickets are available online for adults and seniors. It’s fast and simple to buy. Just remember to activate your ticket five minutes before boarding.

*Please note: cash is not accepted on our ticket counters or buses. Remember to buy ahead of time with cashless and contactless options like PRESTO and GO e-tickets.

Tap On and Off with a Credit Card on GO Transit

You can now pay your GO adult fare with your credit card, including those credit cards on your phone or watch. Just tap your card or mobile wallet on a PRESTO device. Remember to tap off at your destination.

To pay for your fare, you need to tap on and off the same way. If you tap on with your credit card, tap off with the same credit card. If you tap on with your phone or watch, tap off with the same phone or watch using the same card set up in your mobile wallet. This avoids possible duplication of fare payment.

You can set a default trip on your credit card if you regularly travel between the same two GO Train stations. Default trips are only for GO Train trips, not for GO Bus trips.

Learn more about PRESTO contactless payment here.

2. Love a Great Deal? Save More with PRESTO.

You’ll save 15% or more with PRESTO discounts. Each time you travel on GO, your fare is deducted from the form of payment you use, whether that is your PRESTO card, credit card or credit card on your phone or watch. You may receive automatic fare discounts of 15% or more based on the number of trips you take within the calendar month.

Click here to calculate your GO Transit fare in advance of your trip.

3. Weekend Passes for More Weekend Fun!

Embrace those good weekend vibes with our $10 single-day weekend pass or $15 weekend pass. Our $10 single-day pass grants you unlimited travel all-day long on Saturday, Sunday or a statutory holiday, and is valid for every GO train station and bus route. The $15 weekend pass valid for unlimited travel ALL weekend (Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays too).

GO Weekend Passes are exclusively available as a GO e-ticket option. Take advantage of one-day unlimited travel with a one-day pass, or GO all weekend long with our unlimited weekend pass!

Best of all, kids 12 and under always ride GO transit for FREE.

Check out our Promotions & Events page to find other great deals and more!

4. All the Places You Can GO!

Niagara Falls GO Service

Planning a day trip or mini holiday to Niagara Falls has never been easier. Weekend GO Train service from Toronto to Niagara Falls is now year-round.

Ready to GO? Plan your trip and check out the sites and sounds Niagara Falls has to offer. Save with GO/WEGO Combo Tickets available for $25/person & $62.50/group, which includes your round-trip GO Train ride all the way from Union Station, along with local Niagara WEGO bus connections.

Barrie GO Service

We offer weekday and weekend GO train service on the Barrie Line from Allandale Waterfront GO and Union Station. The Barrie region offers a ton of family-friendly activities, including beautiful hiking and cycling trails, delicious restaurants, and some of the most relaxing beaches in the region.

Don’t delay, plan your getaway with family and friends today!

All-Day Train Service from Toronto to Hamilton

Enjoy all-day, hourly trains between West Harbour GO and Union Station on weekdays and weekends.

Time to plan your trip with GO and explore Hamilton's food scene, natural beauty, and culture.  

5. New Bay Concourse at Union Station

Your journey to downtown Toronto just got better! The modernized Bay Concourse is now open and you can enjoy modern amenities and enhanced connections. There's more space on platforms and at concourse level for a safer and more comfortable, experience, better access to the PATH and TTC, future retail options, and more!

6. New Bus Terminal Alert!

Did you know there’s a new Union Station Bus Terminal? It’s located at 81 Bay Street at the north-east corner of Bay Street and Lakeshore Boulevard in Toronto.

Check the Union Station GO bus departure board for the most up-to-date information on bus schedules. You can check the Union Station GO bus departure board online or on one of the digital display screens in the new bus terminal.

The new amenities include: more indoor, climate-controlled waiting space, an indoor pedestrian bridge over Bay Street connecting the terminal directly to Scotiabank Arena, the PATH, and Union Station, charging ports and Wi-Fi, and a customer drop off/pick up area located on P1.

*Reminder: cash is currently not accepted on our buses or at ticket counters. Remember to buy before you board and consider cashless options like PRESTO and GO e-tickets.

7. And Now, Time to Relax and Unwind

Who said commuting can’t be fun? While on board GO Transit, take advantage of GO Wi-Fi Plus, our FREE Wi-Fi and entertainment portal available exclusively to our riders, with over 900 content choices including popular TV shows, great music, podcasts, audiobooks, and online courses.

Craving a little quiet time? We’ve teamed up with to offer GO train riders free audiobooks, podcasts and more. For more information, check out Quiet Zone by Audible.

8. Travel Well and Travel Safely

We’ll admit it, we’re obsessed with safety. Follow the link if you’d like to learn all about our enhanced safety features. But here’s what you really should know before you GO:

  • Hand sanitizing dispensers are available at every station, on all trains and 400+ buses.
  • Masks are optional but welcome on GO Transit. Customers are encouraged to respect their fellow riders' personal choices.
  • Be sure to avoid public transit if you’re feeling unwell.

Looking to zap away unwanted surface germs? We’ve teamed up with CleanSlate UV to bring you FREE sanitizing devices now available at Union Station and 17 other select GO stations. The new UV machines are powered by UV light that can kill up to 99.9 percent of germs in just 20 seconds. Take advantage of this complimentary service to disinfect your personal handheld items (phone, keys, PRESTO card and more).

Some trains are shorter than others so you may need to adjust where you're standing on the platform. Look down the platform as your train approaches and use all available doors when boarding.

9. In Case of Emergency

You can call GO Transit Safety Dispatch immediately 1-877-297-0642 (save this number!) if you are witness to or involved in any unsafe, illegal or harmful incidents while on our property. For life threatening injuries or crimes in progress, press the yellow emergency strip or call 911.

10. Be in the Know

Are you always the last person to know? Sign up to get On the GO Alerts via text message or email, for updates on new schedules, service improvements, construction, delays and other important news.

Looking for the latest information about your GO station or stop? Check out our Find a Station or Stop page for relevant information specific to your GO station or stop. Here you’ll find departure information, train, bus and station alerts, and information about construction, fares and amenities.