Progress Update: Future Service

Two GO trains

Metrolinx is building on existing GO Transit infrastructure to continue to expand service and, create an electrified network that will provide a faster and more efficient way to travel.

As of this spring, we’re asking companies to tell us if they are qualified to build what’s needed to electrify the network, as well new GO stations across the network, and renovations to existing stations. This brings us a step closer to starting construction.

In addition to the hugely exciting introduction of electric trains, this is the largest single addition of stations to the network in GO Transit history!

Click here to learn how we’re continuing to expand GO service.

Total Transformation

To prepare for the future, Metrolinx is planning several enhancements. Here's what more GO service could look like in the future. Click on your corridor to find out more:

Want to see how our transit network will change from today to tomorrow? Take a look at this future system map.