Cooksville GO Station Improvements

We're Transforming Your Station!

Major improvements are underway at Cooksville GO Station. We're adding a new parking structure with pedestrian bridge to the platforms, station building, tunnels and other amenities that will make it easier and more convenient to access GO services.


What's Changing

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Cooksville GO Construction Map

Cooksville GO Construction Map

Station Improvements

The east pavilion, east tunnel, east side of the platform and the pedestrian bridge are open, making it easier for you to access the station and more GO services:

  • The east pavilion, located north of the Kiss & Ride, provides more amenities for you – a waiting area, secure indoor bike shelter and outdoor bike shelter. Inside, you have direct access to the newly opened east tunnel. The east tunnel access is also available from the GO Station building which opened last fall.
  • If you need an elevator to get to the train platform, please use the elevators in the west tunnel or at the pedestrian bridge. The elevator connecting the east tunnel to the east side of the platform is currently out of service. 
  • The pedestrian bridge connecting to the platform, which is accessible from the fourth floor of the parking garage, is open for you to use.
  • Trains on the Milton line continue to be six cars long. Please look down the platform when the train approaches as you may need to adjust where you’re waiting. Be sure to use all available doors to board and listen for station announcements.

All six levels of the parking garage are now fully open to customers, providing more than 1,800 new spots. This brings the total number of parking spots at the station to more than 2,500.

Construction is ongoing at the station as we work to reach final completion. Some items including digital signs will not be complete until later this fall.

Important Information About Payment Devices

There are no PRESTO machines or ticket vending machines at the newly opened east pavilion and the east side of the platform until later next month. Payment devices remain available for you in the GO Station building, west tunnel, pedestrian bridge and in the bus loop.
An update will be provided as more information becomes available.

Temporary stairwell closures

Starting the week of August 17, you may notice rotating stairwell closures on the north side of the parking garage, by the bus loop. Please follow signs to get to where you are going safely. We need to close a portion of this area to install a glass canopy. This work is expected to be complete later this summer.

Please be careful around construction equipment.

New Kiss & Ride

  • We've closed the current Kiss & Ride and opened a new one on the east side of the station.
  • You can access it from the newly opened John Street, west of Hurontario Street. Check our map to see the new Kiss & Ride location.

New Bus Loop

  • There's a new bus loop on the north side of the parking garage, giving you easier access to the pedestrian tunnel inside the garage.
  • Only GO buses will use the new bus loop for now. MiWay buses will drop off and pick up passengers at the north-west corner of Hurontario Street and John Street. Miway buses will start using the permanent bus loop when the extension of John Street is complete.
  • We’re installing digital signs that will provide you with trip information in the future. This means that bus platforms may be temporarily relocated. Please follow signs to find your platform.
  • Check our map to see the new location of the bus loop.

Travelling Here

Check out our station travel guide to learn more about carpooling, getting dropped off, taking public transit or walking to the station during construction.

  • The guide recommends transit routes based on where you live and even tells you how many of your neighbours travel to the station.
  • You can also sign up for our free carpool program and be matched with a neighbour taking the same train. We’ve even added eight more designated parking spots. Sign up here.
  • Remember you only pay 0.80 cents on MiWay when you use your PRESTO card.
  • Erindale GO Station still has some parking spots available. Just remember to update your default PRESTO settings if you decided to make this your home station.

How You Will Benefit

Rendering of new parking structure

We are making it easier and more convenient for you to access the station and GO services. By the end of 2020 our goal is to give you:

  • A new station building with a large public plaza
  • 800+ more parking spaces from the addition of a new parking structure complete with a pedestrian bridge to the rail platform
  • 8 new bus bays for GO and MiWay bus service
  • Upgrades to pedestrian tunnels to access rail platforms
  • New platforms with tactile yellow tiles, digital signs, canopied shelters and a snowmelt system
  • Repairs to parking lots
  • A new station entrance from Hurontario Street

On-site activities are expected to wrap up in the near future as the project moves towards final completion.

Final completion is expected by the end of 2020. In the future, this transit hub will also include connections to the Hurontario LRT, with an estimated completion in fall 2024.

Aerial view of new station layout

Updated September 23, 2020 | All renderings are subject to change.