Lincolnville GO Station Improvements

We're Transforming Your Station!


What's Changing

We’re preparing for more Stouffville service in the future by building space for three new tracks on the west side of the station. With construction progressing, there will be a series of changes to how you access the platforms, as well as changes to how you board the trains. 

Your train may also depart from a different track than usual. Please check station departure boards to find out which track your train will be on and follow signage to get you there safely. Crossing tracks is dangerous and illegal, so please stay safe and only cross at designated areas.

Platform access

Starting Monday, Sept 9:

  • You can only  access your morning trains from the track entrance near the Kiss & Ride area.
  • The entrance near the bus loop is closed for construction. This change will be in effect until late fall.
  • As always, please be careful around construction.

Boarding restrictions

  • Only the accessible coach doors open at Lincolnville GO. We are starting to repair existing platforms and need to protect you from the construction areas. 
  • For your safety, please board/exit your train at the accessible coach and walk through the train to another coach if you don’t require accessible seating.


This work will support more service by allowing additional trains to be stored on the Stouffville line. Remember to give yourself extra time to get to your train until this work is complete in 2020. 

Updated September 10, 2019 |