Milliken GO Station Improvements



We’re re-designing your station! The improvements to the station will make it easier to access GO services and accommodate the additional 1,000 customers we anticipate in the next 10 years as we gradually increase service to two-way all-day. Nineteen new weekday midday and evening trips, primarily between Unionville GO Station and Union Station, have already been added.

Here’s what you can expect to see at your station:

  • a new second track, so trains can run north and south, all day
  • a new east platform
  • a reconstructed west platform
  • pedestrian tunnels with elevators
  • a platform canopy that will integrate shelters and entrances to tunnels and elevators
  • a canopy-covered walkway to Steeles Avenue

We’re also partnering with the City to separate the train tracks from Steeles Avenue, so that trains and cars can move through the area more easily. When we’re finished there will be pedestrian bridges to connect the north and south sides of Steeles with both platforms and elevators.

We are in the middle of the procurement process for the station improvements and are hoping to start construction by the middle of this year. We will share the exact timing and phasing plan for the work when we determine the successful bidder for this project and move further along in the design.

View from the parking lot; working concept that is subject to change

Two tracks and platforms with integrated canopies; working concept that is subject to change

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