Mount Pleasant GO Station

We've improved your station!

We’ve enhanced communication and accessibility features at your station, as part of the GO Expansion.

What's Changed

We’ve improved your station by installing new digital signs at the bus loop and on the train platform which will display trip information to help keep you in the know. New tactile yellow safety tiles have also been added to the train platform to remind you how far back to stand.

How You'll Benefit

GO Expansion will increase the frequency and number of GO trains across our network, reduce congestion and connect a growing region with fast, reliable transit options to get you where you need to go.

At your station this means that you’ll benefit from:

  • New tactile yellow safety tiles at the edge of the platform to remind you how far back to stand. The best commute is always a safe one.
  • New digital signs to give you one more way to stay in the know.
  • New pedestrian walkways were added to the parking lot.

Stay In The Know

We’ll keep you informed throughout this project. To get updates sent directly to your inbox or phone, sign up for email or text alerts. You can also follow the Kitchener line on Twitter @GOtransitKT.

Updated January 15, 2020