Newmarket GO Station Improvements

We're improving the tracks around Newmarket GO Station.

What's Changing

Starting Monday, April 29, there will be a temporary parking closure at Newmarket GO to accommodate construction equipment in the northern part of the parking lot. The equipment will be used to do maintenance work on the tracks nearby and should be cleared out mid-June.

Construction map 

Newmarket GO

Map showing closed parking at Newmarket GO

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Newmarket GO Station

Map showing closed parking spaces at Newmarket GO Station

We know that parking is tight at the station and appreciate your patience during this temporary closure. Consider taking transit or carpooling to the station. Using your PRESTO card you pay only a dollar to take transit to GO. To find a neighbour who also drives to the station, sign up for Smart Commute.

How to Stay in the Know

Sign up for our On the GO email or text alerts to stay in the know about the construction that will transform your station. You can also follow the Barrie line on Twitter @GOtransitBRLearn more about GO expansion on the Barrie line.

Updated: April 17, 2019