Games and recipes to turn your space into a 2020 CNE!

It’s just not summer without The CNE. This year, bring it all home with GO Transit’s DIY CNE featuring fun, food and games for the whole family.

People enjoying an amusement ride

Every year at this time, GO Transit would be happily delivering excited visitors to the CNE for fun, food and games - but since the iconic summer fair has been canceled due to COVID-19, having a carnival in your own home might be just the ticket.

Even though we’ll miss seeing all those smiling faces on GO heading into Exhibition GO Station, finding a way to bring all that CNE fun home to you is the next best delivery we can make.

Try "CNE in a Box"

CNE in a box on display

Just because you can’t have the real CNE this year, doesn’t mean you have to go without it altogether.

Andrew Sihelnik from the CNE told GO “CNE in a box is our first ever box, and while we can’t bring all the exciting sounds, sights, flavours and aromas home to you, we’re bringing you a little bit of the CNE. We’ve asked our exhibitors to submit some locally sourced products and paired that with 2021 tickets at a great discount in order to have a little piece of the CNE shipped right to your door.”

Order one now – PRESTO card holders also receive a 10% discount!

Fun and games with DIY CNE

CNE midway rides

Step right up and test your skills!

There’s no better way to have a homemade summertime carnival than to organize fun family games and activities. By using items already in your home or finding some economical options at the dollar store, everyone can have a blast!

The weather around the region is usually hot and hazy during this time, so mix up the action with some traditional contests and water-based games:

  • Homemade ball toss. Make a pyramid out of plastic cups, grab a lightweight ball or hackey sack, take aim and let ‘er fly! Homemade ball toss game
  • Water balloon pinata. Fill up water balloons, string them up between poles, trees or any raised structures, grab a light stick or branch, and go for it! It’s a great way to cool off during those hot and humid afternoons. Water balloon pinata game

Other great games you can try out at home are:

  • Kiddie pool fishing
  • DIY skeet ball
  • Ring toss.

Easy homemade CNE-style fun food

We all get excited for the delicious and outrageous delights at the CNE – those once-a-year snacks you’d probably never make at home, let alone see on a regular restaurant menu.

While we’re not about to dive into the recipe for gold ice cream bars (yes, that was a thing), here some fun fairground foods that could definitely be found in and around the EX or in its famous Food Building:

  • Deep fried Oreos – These deep fried treats are not only delicious, they’re easy to make. You just need Oreos, pancake batter, some cooking oil and in no time, you’ll be biting into these scrumptious, gooey cookies Deep fried oreos
  • Chili Fries – You’re all set if you have frozen fries (we like the spicy curly ones), homemade or store-bought vegetarian chili, some cheddar cheese and sour cream. Add in some jalapeños and your all set! Chili fries

Other delicious, easy-to-get or make fun fair foods include:

  • Corn dogs
  • Tacos on a stick
  • Giant turkey legs
  • Deep fried grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Caramel apples
  • Funnel cakes

We could go on about all the fun fair food you could make at home, so try some out or be adventurous and make up your own recipes!