Safety & Security

Photo of two Transit Safety Officers smiling on the platform at Union Station.

We take your safety seriously, and that’s a promise. Your safety is so important to us.

We’re one of the safest transit systems in the world. We continually work with all our communities, local law enforcement offices, and emergency response services to ensure we have the highest safety practices and standards.


24 Hours a Day Transit Safety Dispatch: 1-877-297-0642

We’re always here to help you any way we can.

Call our Safety Dispatch line immediately if you witness or are involved in any of these types of incidents on our property:

  • Distress
  • Vandalism
  • Medical emergencies
  • Disputes
  • Suspicious packages
  • Unsafe or prohibited activity

Press the yellow emergency strip or call 911 for life threatening emergencies and crimes in progress.


Union Station Platform Action Plan

Photo of Union Station exterior in Maple Leaf Square.

Union Station is the nation’s busiest transportation hub. It is the destination and departure point for over 90% of GO commuters.

With so many riders taking GO Trains to and from Union Station each year, we’re taking steps to keep all our passengers safe on Union Station platforms.

Learn more by following this link here.


Safety Tips

Photo of a Transit Safety Officer in a stairwell at a GO Station.

Here are some key safety tips to keep in mind throughout your commute:

  • When waiting on a train platform, stand well behind the yellow line
  • Do no stand in the NO STANDING zone
  • Don’t run in front or behind a bus
  • The rules of the road also apply to our parking lots and property
  • Report any harassment you witness
  • Report unattended or suspicious packages

Learn more about our safety tips, to ensure your commute is a safe one.


Auto Theft & Damage

Photo of a Transit Safety Officer driving a Transit Safety vehicle at a GO Station.

The safety of your car and property is important to us.

In the unfortunate event your vehicle has been damaged or stolen in one of our parking lots, here’s what you do.


Yellow Emergency Strip

Photo of passenger on board a GO Train, with a yellow emergency strip located above them.

Sorry, you missed your stop, but that isn’t an emergency. Like the signs says, the yellow emergency strip is for EMERGENCIES ONLY.

Emergencies include a passenger in distress or needing medical attention, vandalism, disputes, reporting a suspicious package, or when the police and/or Transit Safety intervention is required.

These are all considered acceptable instances to use the yellow emergency strip.

The following are NOT emergencies. Do not press the yellow emergency strip when:

  • You missed your stop
  • You discovered you were going in the wrong direction
  • You boarded the wrong train
  • Requesting a stop
  • Needing directions
  • Needing to buy fare