York University Service

GO bus service realigned from York University and stops on Keele St. to Hwy 407 Bus Terminal effective January 5, 2019

York University Service Map

Starting January 5, 2019, GO buses will no longer make stops at York University or on Keele Street

Through the Regional Transportation Plan, Metrolinx is committed to make travel through the region better and faster to major destinations, improve connections between local transit and operate efficiently.

With the opening of the TTC Line 1 subway extension in December 2017, some GO bus routes which stopped at York University and on Keele St. at Steeles, Snidercroft and Great Gulf were extended to the new Hwy 407 Bus Terminal in January 2018. As the next step in the realignment of our bus services to the terminal, GO buses will no longer stop at York or on Keele as of January 5, 2019.

What bus routes will this affect?

This change applies to all GO bus routes which currently stop at York University and on Keele St. at Steeles, Snidercroft and Great Gulf:

  • Route 25F - Waterloo/Mississauga
  • Hwy. 407 West Routes 45, 46, 47, 48
  • Hwy. 407 East Routes 51, 52, 54

What will your new travel options be?

For York U: From the Hwy 407 Bus Terminal, take the TTC Line 1 subway to the on-campus Pioneer Village or York University stops.

For stops on Keele St.: From the Hwy 407 Bus Terminal and the Pioneer Village subway stop there are TTC and/or YRT bus options.

Are there also changes to GO train service to York University?

At this time, there is no change to train service to York University GO Station.

What about fares?

The GO fare to the Hwy 407 Bus Terminal is the same as it is for York University and the stops on Keele St. as they are in the same GO fare zone.

You’ll need to pay a separate fare if you’ll be transferring between GO and TTC but if you use PRESTO, you can get a discount:

  • Adults can save $1.50 off their fare and seniors/students can save $0.55 off the already discounted fare.
  • PRESTO automatically applies the discount as a deduction from your TTC fare when GO is used first and as a deduction from your GO fare when the TTC is used first.
  • Learn more about how to save with PRESTO.

What amenities are at the Hwy 407 Bus Terminal?

The terminal opened in December 2017 and provides connections between GO bus, TTC bus and subway, and YRT bus services.

The terminal has restrooms, a passenger pick-up and drop off area, TTC paid parking, ticket vending machines/PRESTO reload machines, and GO Transit and TTC customer attendants on-site.

When will the GO bus schedules be available for January 5, 2019?

Check the new schedule here