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Take GO to Sports & Entertainment

Let GO take you to your next game, show, dinner date and shopping trip
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Take GO to Sports & Entertainment

Let GO take you to your next game, show, dinner date and shopping trip

Carving out time for friends, getting to a game or concert, travelling back home to visit family. You have a lot going on and a lot of places to be. GO Transit can take you to more places than you realize and we even have discounts to get you there. Kids 12 & under ride free, teens & Post-secondary Students save 40% with PRESTO, Seniors save 55% with PRESTO, plus we have weekday & weekend group passes with GO E-tickets. Let GO take you there!

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GO Jays Fans

Take GO to the Game

Watching sports on a screen just doesn’t compare to cheering on your team from the stands. Grab your friends and join your fellow fans at the game! No need to stress about expensive parking or whether to have a drink - you can get there with GO! 

Here’s how to get to the games:

Gen Z going to a concert

Take GO to the Show

Have you been missing live music? Now is the time to see all your favourite bands, and GO is your ticket for easy travel to every venue. Forget about fighting traffic, hunting for rentals, and finding parking - taking GO is the easy and affordable choice.

You can enjoy a few drinks, knowing you have a safe ride home. GO service extends past 11 p.m. on many train lines, and bus service is available even later!

Take GO to the shows:

Couple at restaurant

Take GO to a Restaurant

Nothing brings people together like food. With some of the best restaurants right here in the GTHA, there’s no lack of options. The abundance of culinary diversity scattered around the city is what makes going out for food so exciting. Ranging from the most popular restaurants to local neighbourhood gems and even eateries that will remind you of mom’s food from back home. You don’t have to break the bank either! With GO Transit, it’s easy to pop on and off at different stops to uncover even more. So get the group chat out into restaurants that you’ve all been raving about or impress a date with your special spot.

Either way, you can make new memories without ever having to drive. That means enjoying a cocktail on a patio without rushing or worrying about parking. With GO services extending past 11 p.m. on many train lines and bus routes.

Take GO to a restaurant:

Friends on-board GO Bus after shopping

Take GO Shopping

Are you looking for an easy way to travel to the best shopping destinations across the Greater Golden Horseshoe? Home to several amazing shopping areas - from high-end designer stores to trendy boutiques and unique one-of-a-kind apparel. But navigating traffic and difficult parking can turn an exciting shopping trip into a stressful ordeal. Forget about driving and take GO Transit instead. Our buses have plenty of overhead bins and under bus storage so you can buy as much as you want. Enjoy a relaxing ride to the mall.

Let’s GO shopping:

Visiting loved ones

Take GO to Visit Loved Ones

You’ve got a busy life with school and work, but you also want to squeeze in time to spend with friends and family. Don’t let your lack of car, high gas prices, or endless pile of homework, stop you from visiting your loved ones in person. Take GO Transit and use your travel time for class reading or finishing up that assignment so that when you arrive, you can just focus on the fun with your family and friends.