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GO Train under a bridge.

Your Commute to GO

Getting to GO Stations & Stops

We know there’s more to your daily commute than just riding with GO Transit. We’re here to help make your journey to and from GO stations and stops as smooth and easy as possible.

Do you take transit to your GO station or stop? We’re striving to make connections easier by teaming up with local GTHA transit operators to offer increased accessibility options, discounted fares, and start-to-finish trip planning through Triplinx.

It’s a sweet ride for cyclists getting to GO! You can bring your bike on GO buses or trains, sign up for reserved bicycle parking and take advantage of bike lockers, storage and local bike-share programs.

If you live or work fairly close to a GO station or stop, walking is the best option to get you to where you’re going and to get you there on time.

Looking for driving & parking options? Find out more about free parkingreserved parkingcarpooling and Zipcars.

Local Transit

Our local transit partners

Taking local transit is a great option, especially if you’re looking to avoid the stress of driving to and from GO stations. Did you know that GO Transit offers discounts to customers riding to or from GO stations with local transit partners? Many local transit systems also offer comprehensive assisted travelling and wheelchair-accessible services.

Learn more about our local transit partners and always use your PRESTO card to take advantage of savings. PRESTO automatically calculates your discount and applies it to your account when you connect to/from GO Transit and your local transit service.

Download the Triplinx App on the App Store or on Google Play to plan your trip anywhere within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).


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Not only is riding your bike is a convenient way to get to GO stops and stations, you can also bring it onboard GO trains and buses! Reserved bicycle parking options, bike storage and bike parking are also available at select stations.

All GO buses can carry up to two bicycles. You can also bring your bike aboard GO trains, with the exception of morning and evening rush hours on trains that are typically busy during these times. You may bring your bike aboard a GO train or bus during peak hours if you are travelling in the opposite direction of a rush. Foldable bikes (that are folded up) are allowed on all GO trains and buses.

We welcome e-bikes on our GO Transit system, under certain rules and regulations.

Please see our Biking Page for more information!


If you live or work fairly close to a GO transit station, walking to your GO train or bus is always the best way to get you there on time. Shake up your routine by walking 1 or 2 days a week, unwind from your day, catch up on your favourite podcast and get a few steps in too!

Driving & Parking

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Free parking

Most GO stations offer free customer parking on a first-come, first-served basis. Find out if your GO Station has parking options available.

Free overnight parking is also available at most GO transit stations. You may park in any free (non-reserved) parking space for a maximum of 48 hours. Find out more about Free Parking at GO Transit stations.

Reserved parking

Reserved parking lets you rent an affordable parking space at most GO Transit stations for use Monday to Friday, excluding weekends & holidays. With a reserved parking permit, you’ll have exclusive access to a parking space solely designated for your registered vehicle. You can park in your GO reserved parking space at any time of day, for a maximum of 48 consecutive hours.

Learn more about GO Transit reserved parking with detailed information on parking guidelines, payment options, transferring or cancelling your spot.


If you drive to a station with one or more passengers and your station has carpool parking, you can apply for a free carpool parking permit.

Carpool parking spaces are available for your morning commute on a first-come, first served basis. Ready to carpool or need more information? Find out more about GO carpool parking, and which GO stations are currently accepting carpool applications.


GO Transit has partnered with Zipcar to offer you more travel options beyond your last GO stop. We have Zipcars available at the following GO Transit stations in Toronto: Eglinton GO, Weston GO, and Guildwood GO. Now you can hop off the bus or train and continue on your journey.

Ready to embark on your next adventure? See our picks for the top 6 best hiking trails that are easily accessible by GO trains or buses!