GO Train under a bridge.

Getting to Your GO Station

GO Train under a bridge.

Getting to Your GO Station

Try Another Way to Get to Your GO Station

How do you get to your GO Station? If you normally drive to your station, we encourage you to try an alternative once in a while. There are a few ways to travel to your GO Station! 

Walking or biking to and from your station is a fantastic choice. It’s cost effective and gives you the opportunity to squeeze in daily movement, so it’s good for you and your wallet! 

If walking or biking isn’t an option for you, consider using local transit. Your transfer is free when you’re connecting to or from most local transit agencies, so this is a great way to reduce your travel budget, too.

Looking for driving and parking options? Find out more about free parkingreserved parkingcarpooling and Zipcars.

Plan your trip! 

Walk to Your GO Station

Rain or shine, walking is a great choice for getting to your GO Station! 

Have you been meaning to add more physical activity to your schedule? Walking for 15 minutes can get you 1km in distance, so it’s the perfect way to get your steps in before spending the day at your desk. 

Starting the morning with some fresh air will also help wake up your mind and body so that you arrive at work or school feeling energized and full of ideas. 

A walk from your station in the evening is a nice way to wind down and let yourself relax after a long day. Some gentle movement will help you release those stiff muscles and let go of stress. 

Try walking to and from your GO Station once or twice a week and see if you notice an improvement in your physical and mental health! 

Ride a Bike to Your GO Station

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A bike ride is a great leisure activity, but it’s also a fast and fun way to get to your GO Station! 

Biking to and from your station is an easy way to squeeze in physical movement when you don’t have time to hit the gym. Cycling for 15 minutes can get you almost 5km in distance. Even a slower cruising bike ride at your own pace will help add a bit more movement to your day, which is good for your physical and mental health. 

Some of our stations have free bike parking or reserved bicycle parking rooms so you can store your bike securely while you’re at work or school.  

Outside of the busy morning and evening rush hours, feel free to bring your bike aboard! GO Buses can carry up to 2 bicycles in dedicated bike racks. On GO Trains, look for the doors marked with a green bike sticker that indicates the Designated Bicycle Zones. Foldable bikes (that are folded up) can come onboard all buses and trains at any time. 

See our Biking Page for all the information! 

Take e-scooters to Your GO Station

Metrolinx has partnered with SCOOTY, a GTA-based micro mobility company, to offer e-scooter rentals to GO Transit riders in Brampton. E-scooters are a fun and affordable way to get to and from GO stations!

Starting August 11, customers at Mount Pleasant GO Station, Brampton Innovation District GO Station and Bramalea GO Station can rent SCOOTY e-scooters.

See the SCOOTY e-scooters page for more information

Take Local Transit to Your GO Station

We understand that walking or biking is not an option for everyone, depending on distance and ability. Instead, you can try taking local transit to your GO Station! 

Did you know that your local transit travel is FREE when you’re connecting between GO Transit and most local transit agencies? This makes your commute easier and more affordable.

Many local transit systems also offer comprehensive assisted travelling and wheelchair-accessible services.

Driving & Parking at GO Stations

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Sometimes you might need to drive to your GO Station and — good news! — most GO stations offer free customer parking on a first-come, first-served basis! 

Free overnight parking is also available at most stations. You can park in any non-reserved parking space for a maximum of 48 hours — perfect for those getaways with a GO Transit Weekend Pass!

Reserved parking

If you’re planning to drive to your GO Station on a regular basis, you can rent an affordable parking space at most stations for use Monday to Friday, excluding weekends & holidays. 

Your reserved parking permit gives you exclusive access to a parking space solely designated for your registered vehicle. You can park in your GO reserved parking space at any time of day, for a maximum of 48 consecutive hours.

Learn more about reserved parking!


Carpooling is a great way to make the drive to your GO Station more environmentally-friendly. You can also cut down on your gas budget when you’re sharing the cost with others!

Carpool parking spaces are available at select GO stations for your morning commute on a first-come, first-served basis. You can apply for a free carpool parking permit as long as you are driving to your GO Station with one or more passengers. 

Learn more about carpool parking at GO stations!


Planning to walk, bike, or use local transit for getting to your GO Station most of the time, but need to use a car once in a while? Car sharing is another environmentally-friendly option for occasional access to some wheels!

GO Transit has partnered with Zipcar to offer you more travel options beyond your last GO stop. We have Zipcars available at Eglinton GO, Weston GO, and Guildwood GO stations. Just hop off the GO bus or train and continue on your journey.

How Will You Get to GO?

Try out a different option for getting to your GO Transit station next time instead of driving. You might find a new favourite way to GO!