You Can GO With a Group

Weekday Group Passes

You Can GO With a Group

Weekday Group Passes

Weekday Group Passes

GO Transit is offering more convenience for you and your group of friends and loved ones: Weekday Group Passes!

You Can GO With a Group

Buy one online pass for your group and everyone can enjoy unlimited, all-day travel together throughout the GO network on any weekday! Why not go for a weekday getaway: Hotels are usually less expensive Monday through Thursday, and top attractions tend to be less busy during the week compared to the weekend. So you can beat the crowds, save some cash, and enjoy easy and convenient travel!

Whether you’re gathering your friends for a day out, or hosting family and taking them around to see the sights, a GO Weekday Group Pass is the perfect way to have a fun and relaxing trip together. 

Weekday Group Pass Pricing Options

We want to make it as convenient and affordable as possible for you and your group to take day trips with GO Transit. We’re offering 4 flat-fare options for our Weekday Group Passes so you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending on travel, no matter how many stops you make along the way. Passes can be purchased from our eticketing platform only*.

Weekday Group Pass Options

Getting the best price for your group travel is simple! Just select the number of people in your group for all day unlimited travel:

  • 2 people - $30
  • 3 people - $40
  • 4 people - $50
  • 5 people - $60

* Must pre-purchase pass online. Valid for travel within seven days after purchase. Available on smartphones only. Not available at station. Non-refundable. Not eligible for Service Guarantee. Not available for use on UP Express. Niagara WEGO bus service not included.

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How Your Weekday Group Pass Works

Enjoy unlimited travel anywhere on our network, with the purchase of your Weekday Group Pass for any weekday that you're looking to travel.

For example: with a pass purchased between Oshawa and Burlington you can board a train at Oshawa, get off at Rouge Hill, board again at Rouge Hill, get off at Burlington, then travel back to Oshawa. The options are endless.

Here’s how the online pass works:

  • Using the passes tab, select your station of origin and your intended destination, then select one of the options under 'Weekdays'
  • The online pass will be emailed to you, using your smartphone.
  • E-tickets and passes are valid for seven days following purchase date.
  • Remember to activate five minutes prior to boarding a GO train or bus.
  • Enjoy unlimited travel, on GO Train or GO Bus.
  • This pass is only available online only – not at stations or by using PRESTO.
  • NOTE: If using the Weekday Group Pass to go to Niagara Falls GO Station, the local WEGO bus connection is not included. If required, you will need to purchase a WEGO pass to be able to board the bus. 

Valid for 7 Days From Purchase

Starting Sept. 6 2022, the validation period for GO Transit e-tickets and passes has changed to seven days. E-tickets and passes purchased on or before Sept. 5, 2022, will continue to be valid for up to one year from the date of purchase, as long as they’re not activated.

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