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Wi-Fi Portal

GO Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi available across all GO Trains & GO Buses and most GO Stations
Wi-Fi Portal

GO Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi available across all GO Trains & GO Buses and most GO Stations

Providing internet connectivity across our system is key. You can now enjoy free Wi-Fi across GO Transit, including all GO Trains & GO Buses and most GO Stations & Bus Terminals, as well as on-board UP Express.

Free Wi-Fi onboard GO Trains and Buses

GO Wi-Fi Plus is now onboard. It’s more than just free data, the content portal will provide free, unlimited access to TV shows, music, audiobooks, e-books, courses and podcasts.

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Free Entertainment & Wi-Fi on the GO

You’re in for a great ride when you get on board and online with the new GO Wi-Fi Plus – the all-in-one free GO Transit Wi-Fi connection and onboard entertainment portal exclusively for our riders.

When onboard, visit our free entertainment portal to access TV shows, music, courses, and more without even needing to sign in. You can also access free Wi-Fi by signing on with your email address, giving you 200MB of free data. Now, you can work on the go, catch up with friends or just relax and browse content online.

On the “Plus” side, you’ll have access to an extensive entertainment portal with exciting popular TV shows, great music and tons more amazing content.

GO Wi-Fi Plus is available on every GO bus and GO train, sit back, relax, browse our free content or sign in to Wi-Fi and enjoy the ride.

Watch, Listen and Read Great Content on the GO

When you connect to GO Wi-Fi Plus, you open the door to our amazing and extensive free onboard entertainment portal. Enjoying your favourite content will be a breeze.

There are tons of channels on our watch list with top TV dramas and comedies, news, documentaries, music videos and more. Catch your favourites or find new ones on the go!

If you just want to listen up, sit back, and relax, then check out the large audio content collection with free music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Or, catch up on your reading with our free e-book library. There’s everything from fiction, non-fiction, how-to, autobiography, and many more genres.

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Free Wi-Fi at Union Station

Union-TD Wi-Fi is a free, public service presented by TD Bank Group that's available in the GO York Concourse of Toronto’s Union Station. The Wi-Fi service is provided by BAI Canada.

Check @torontounion on Twitter for updates on the Wi-Fi service offering.

Free Wi-Fi at GO Stations and Bus Terminals

Free Wi-Fi is available at most GO stations and bus terminals, presented by IMA Outdoor/Pattison.
Wi-Fi coverage extends over platforms, interior station waiting areas, transit shelter and parking lots at 55 locations and growing.

To find out if your station or stop has Wi-Fi, check here on the station page.

Free Wi-Fi on UP Express

To ensure a smooth connected passenger experience Cisco provides free, seamless and uninterrupted internet access across multiple networks through a one of a kind WiFi experience. Your connected experience begins at the station where you connect to the UP network to enable general internet access and key transit services/updates. To learn more about Cisco, a proud technology partner of Union Pearson Express (UP), click here.