A mobile phone being used to order GO Transit e-tickets.

GO Transit E-Tickets and Passes

A mobile phone being used to order GO Transit e-tickets.

GO Transit E-Tickets and Passes

Skip the Line and Buy Tickets Online

Avoid the hassle of waiting in line and keep your GO Transit ticket purchase completely contactless while saving the waste of a paper ticket. Access your tickets any time on your smartphone - it's so easy and convenient! You can now purchase your digital e-tickets and passes online using Google Pay or Apple Pay through your digital wallet for a secure and quicker check-out experience.

Please note: GO e-tickets are not eligible for Ontario’s One Fare

* Must pre-purchase pass online. Valid for travel within seven days after purchase. Available on smartphones only. Not available at station. Non-refundable. Not eligible for Service Guarantee. Not available for use on UP Express. Niagara WEGO bus service not included.

Find the Right E-Ticket or Pass for You

Fares and Passes Pricing

Fares for one-way tickets are priced based on the distance you’re travelling between fare zones. You can use the fare calculator to determine the price for your specific trip.

  • Adult Fares: Adult tickets are valid for travellers aged 13-64.
  • Senior Fares: Senior tickets, for those aged 65+, are half the price of Adult tickets.
  • Child Fares: Kids aged 12 and under always ride GO for free! *We recommend children under 12 are accompanied by an adult when travelling on GO Transit. Children under 6 cannot travel alone.
  • Discount Passes: Weekend Day passes are $10 for unlimited one day travel for each rider aged 13+. Pre-buy your Weekend Pass now! Weekday group passes strating at $30.

How to Use E-Tickets & Passes on GO

1. Purchase your ticket

  • Purchase your e-tickets and passes online before you ride. Simply select your starting point and your destination, the number of tickets or passes, and whether it’s a one-way or return trip.
  • You can also purchase e-tickets and passes for other people. Add their email addresses when making your purchase and the e-tickets will be sent directly to them, and an invoice will be sent to you. E-tickets make great gifts for family and friends!
  • Once the online purchase is complete, you will receive an email that contains individual links for each e-ticket purchased. Click on a link only when you are ready to activate it. E-tickets and passes are valid for seven days following the purchase date

2. Use your smartphone to activate & validate E-Ticket

Using your e-ticket is easy. Follow these steps and note that you MUST use a smartphone - a printed e-ticket or pass is not valid for travel.

  • Use your smartphone with a data or Wi-Fi connection to open the confirmation email you received at the time of purchase and access your e-ticket link(s).
  • Click on the link that corresponds with your trip to access and then activate your e-ticket.
  • After a 5 minute window your ticket will be valid for travel.

* Please keep in mind that it takes 5 minutes to activate a ticket in our system, and that at the time of fare inspection you must be connected to a data or Wi-Fi network.

3. Travel between within activation window

  • Tickets: As with paper tickets, once an e-ticket link has been activated, it is valid for 4 hours.
  • Weekend Passes: Passes are valid during service hours on the day of activation or as otherwise stated.
  • Weekday Group Passes: Passes are valid during service hours on the day of activation or as otherwise stated


E-tickets are not refundable and have no redeemable cash value. The GO Train Service Guarantee Policy applies to e-tickets, however, it does not apply to special promotions or passes such as Weekend and Weekday Passes. To request a credit associated with an e-ticket, contact GO Transit Customer Service.