Free Parking at GO Stations


Free Parking at GO Stations

Free Customer Parking is Available

At GO Transit, we strive to make your commute to GO simple and stress-free. For that reason, we offer free customer parking on a first-come, first-served basis at most GO stations to make your commute as easy, efficient and cost-effective as possible.

If you want to be sure you have a spot when you arrive at the station, Reserved Parking, Carpooling, or Zipcar might be a better option for you.

Looking for alternative ways of getting to GO? You may want to consider cycling or local transit options too.

GO Stations That Currently Don’t Offer Free Parking

  • Bloor GO
  • Danforth GO
  • Downsview Park GO
  • Exhibition GO
  • Union Station
  • Union Station Bus Terminal

Stations Where Only Paid Parking is Available

  • Hamilton GO - Reserved Parking Only
  • Kennedy GO - Paid parking only, available in TTC/Green P lot
  • Kitchener GO - Paid parking only, available in VIA & Region of Waterloo lot
  • Kipling GO - Paid parking only, available in TTC/Green P lot

Free Overnight Parking for GO Customers

Free overnight parking is available for GO Transit customers with the exception of the above-listed GO stations* in any empty, non-reserved parking space for a maximum of 48 consecutive hours.

*Overnight parking is not permitted at Allandale Waterfront GO.

Parking Lot Security

Most of our parking lots are equipped with a comprehensive CCTV security system. In addition, our parking lots and buildings are patrolled by Transit Safety Officers, who work closely with local police to protect against theft and vandalism.

To report an incident, please contact GO Transit Safety Dispatch at 1-877-297-0642. Learn more about keeping your car safe here.

Pay a Parking Ticket or Fine

If you exceed the 48 hours free parking maximum, you will be issued a ticket. You can pay your fine online or by mail.

More Information

Looking for more driving options? Learn more about GO’s carpool parking and reserved parking options or consider taking local transit, biking or walking to your stop or station!

Did you know GO transit offers discounted fare options when travelling to or from your GO station or stop with our local transit partners? Learn more about local transit options and fare discounts.