Students walking towards a GO bus

Where's My Bus?

Students walking towards a GO bus

Where's My Bus?

Wondering when your next bus will arrive? Text or call our "Where’s My Bus" service to find out.

We’re making travelling with us easier, faster and better. Where’s My Bus will tell you when your GO bus is going to arrive at your street stop in real-time. It’s also available for most of the school stops our buses serve.

Our GO bus stop signs have Where's My Bus ID numbers, making it even easier to find out when your next bus is going to arrive.

The signs have a black and white colour scheme and reflective elements for greater visibility. The (T) for Transit helps make it easier to identify a transit stop or station, providing access to a connected, regional transit network.

Close-up of a GO Bus sign

To get started:

  • Find your bus stop ID number on your bus stop sign or on the Find a Station or Stop page
  • Text 88846 or call 1-888-GET-ON-GO (438-6646)
  • Enter your stop ID number
  • Follow the prompts to get arrival times for the next three buses or for all buses serving your stop within the next 30 minutes

How to find your stop ID number online:

  1. Visit the “Find a Station or Stop” page
  2. Type in your stop location name and click ‘search’
  3. Click on “Go to Station Page”
  4. Find your bus stop ID number under the stop name
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A few tips

  • If you’re texting for information, press ‘r’ to refresh results
  • Text ‘HELP’ for different commands and language settings
  • ‘START’ and ‘STOP’ aren’t active commands as this isn’t a subscription service
  • If you’re using the call-in system, you can say ‘repeat’ to hear the information again

Looking for real-time bus trip information at one of our terminals? Check the digital signs there to find out when your next bus will arrive.

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