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GO Train under a bridge.

Our Past and Present

55 Years Going Strong

We have spent the last 50+ years dedicated to bringing you closer to the places you want to go. So, what about the next 50? We’ll continue embracing our commitment, with plans to take you further, faster, and more often than ever before.

Follow the journey of GO Transit to discover the rich history of the province's first commuter rail service.


Images denoting GO Transit's past and present

Buildings were getting taller, hairstyles were getting longer, and Ontario's population was growing.


Images denoting GO Transit's past and present

As lapels got bigger and bellbottoms grew wider, GO kept the trendsetters moving.


Customers waiting outside for a GO Train in the 1980s

Hairspray, video games, and new genres of music defined this unforgettable era.


GO Bear illustration from the 1990s

Ontarians said hello to the World Wide Web and discovered new ways to stay connected.


Aerial view of GO Train travelling

Y2K was A-OK and technology was quickly changing day-to-day life.

Moving Forward

Union Station Skywalk at night with GO Train

The future is bright for the world-class, forward-thinking province of Ontario.