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Etiquette On Board GO

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Etiquette On Board GO

Everyone on GO Transit deserves a comfortable and stress-free commute, which is one of our top priorities in the GO Customer Charter. Let’s all do our part to be kind and considerate so that riding aboard our trains and buses is a breeze for everyone!

Want to make sure you are being a considerate GO passenger? Here are the NO-GOs to avoid when riding with us so that every ride is a pleasant one for everyone.

Top NO-GOs for a comfortable ride

1. Sneaking your feet on the seat

Keep feet off seats – remember it’s not a footrest. Leave seats for others to sit. 

Feet on seats are a NO-GO! 

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2. Pushing your way on the train or bus 

Reminder to let others exit first before hopping on. Line up in an orderly fashion for the bus. Please don’t rush and wait your turn. 

Pushing your way on is a NO-GO! 

3. Dialing it up in the Quiet Zone 

Quiet Zone by Audible is a space for people to unwind on the train during rush hours.  Short and quiet conversations are okay but keep the volume low and electronics muted. Wear headphones when listening to music or watching a video.

Being loud in the Quiet Zone is a NO-GO! 

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4. Littering 

Dispose of or take your garbage with you. Don’t leave your trash behind. Let's keep our trains and buses clean. 

Littering is a NO-GO! 

5. Hogging another seat with your belongings

Keep your bags on either the floor or your lap, not on an empty seat. Let’s leave seats for other passengers. 

Taking up a seat is a NO-GO! 

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6. Occupying seats meant for those with special needs

Offer your seat to someone in need, especially our designated Courtesy Seating. Please keep these seats for expectant mothers, elderly passengers, passengers with disabilities, passengers with young children, or passengers with a stroller. 

Hogging a seat is a NO-GO! 

7. Boarding with bikes in non-designated zones

Customers with bikes need to board at train doors marked with a green bicycle sticker – this indicates a designated bicycle zone.  Remember to not block seats, aisles, doors, and stairwells on the train with your bike – let's be safe and avoid crowding. Check out our bike FAQ here.

Blocking spaces and seats on the train is a NO-GO!

Please be kind

Remember these tips to be a good rider on GO Transit. We’re all heading somewhere, so let’s keep it polite and respectful even when it’s packed and busy. It’s what makes riding with us a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.