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A man and woman sit across from one another, the sun shining in on the GOTrain seats

Etiquette OnBoard GO

Based on our promise in the GO Customer Charter, it’s one of our top priorities to keep your commute comfortable and stress-free. We all know good etiquette makes riding with us better for everyone. 

Thanks to you we’ve been able to create the official unofficial book on public transit etiquette. Yes, it’s an actual book. And it’s kind of official. Read the book you helped us write!

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Etiquette Onboard GO

Let’s put a stop to bad etiquette on transit! Share our video and get talking about etiquette fail.

 Here’s a list of the Top 5 #EtiquetteFail offences as voted by GO riders:

  1. Feets on seats
  2. Loud talking
  3. Bags on seats
  4. Littering
  5. Door blocking

May your ride be #EtiquetteFail free.