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Paying with PRESTO

Travel cashless across the Greater Golden Horseshoe with PRESTO
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Paying with PRESTO

Travel cashless across the Greater Golden Horseshoe with PRESTO

What is PRESTO?

PRESTO is an electronic fare payment system that helps make travelling on transit easy and convenient at a discounted fare. The more times you travel in a month, the more you save.


Buy a card, load it, and set your fare type. Discounts available for adults, youth, post-secondary students and seniors. Then create a PRESTO Account to add your card and access great benefits – including PRESTO Perks.

Get a card
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Tap with Credit and Debit

You can now tap on and off with your credit or debit card on a PRESTO device, including those cards on your phone or watch to pay for your GO adult fare discount!

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Save 15% or more with PRESTO

If you take the same GO trip each time you travel within a calendar month, your GO fare* will be:

Adult Fare with PRESTO - Save 15%+

Number of Trips


1 through 35

15.7% off**

36 to 40

88.3% off**

41 and more

100% off**

If you do not take the exact same trip each time you travel on GO within a calendar month, your first 35 rides on GO will be 15.7%** off the single-ride adult fare. For trips 36 and onwards, your discount will be based on the value of the trips you’ve taken that month. To earn these discounts, you’ll need to use the same form of payment for all your trips – you can’t combine payments on a PRESTO card, credit card, and debit card.

Youth & Post-Secondary Students save 40% on GO with PRESTO.

Seniors save 55% on GO with PRESTO.

Download the PRESTO App

The PRESTO App lets you instantly load funds, instant check your balance, set up Autoload, manage multiple cards, load with Apple or Google Pay and more.

Download the PRESTO App today from the App Store or Google Play!

Set up Autoload

The Autoload feature reloads your PRESTO card automatically when your balance drops below a dollar amount which you choose.

Set Your GO Default Trip

Make missed tap offs a thing of the past by setting up a GO Default Trip. With a couple of simple clicks in the PRESTO App, you can make it so your main daily GO trip only requires you to tap on. Forget about waiting at the machine to tap off, just arrive and go!

Learn how to set a default trip.

Forgot to Tap Off?

If you forget to tap off at the end of your trip, an amount for Missed Tap Off or Underpayment will be deducted from your PRESTO card or charged to your credit or debit card at the start of your next trip in the GO network.

Learn more about missed tap offs

Save with PRESTO Perks

Find out how and where you can show your PRESTO card to get discounts on some of Ontario's top attractions, through the PRESTO Perks program.

New to PRESTO? Let's get started!

Pay your fare while travelling on the entire GO network and other eligible transit systems by simply tapping on and off with your PRESTO card or a credit or debit card on a PRESTO device. The system automatically calculates your fare for a trip and deducts it from the balance stored on your PRESTO card or charges a fare to your credit or debit card.