Students travelling on GO

Post-Secondary Student Discount

Full-time Post-Secondary Students of any age can save 40%* with PRESTO on GO.
Students travelling on GO

Post-Secondary Student Discount

Full-time Post-Secondary Students of any age can save 40%* with PRESTO on GO.

College & University Students Save on GO with PRESTO

Spend your commute studying, napping, texting, or just relaxing on GO while getting to school for 40%* off full ticket price! To get your discount, you must set the fare type in-person while purchasing a PRESTO card or apply online for a GO Student ID.

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Applications for the 2024 School Year Available August 30

Apply online for your GO Student ID to receive discounts while travelling.

How to Set Your Fare Type?

Step 1: Purchase a PRESTO card

Purchase a PRESTO card for $4 card from one of following locations:

Buy a PRESTO card
PRESTO card student
Step 2A: Set fare type in-person

When adding a fare type in-person to your PRESTO card, you must sho...

Find an outlet
GO setting concession on PRESTO card
Step 2B: Apply online for a GO Student ID

Apply online!

Log into PRESTO
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Step 4: Save 40%* with PRESTO

Ready to GO? You are now saving 40%* off the single standard adult ...

Plan your trip
Students travelling on GO

Continue Saving as a Returning Student

Full time students must reapply every academic year if they wish to keep their status. You can do this online or in person.

See if you can GO to school!

Get to your college or university campus by GO bus or train. We have service to MAC, U of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier, U of Guelph, Durham College and more.

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Enjoy the ease & convenience of a GO Transit e-ticket. Weekend and weekday group passes available.

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I’m a student looking to travel with a discount on both GO Transit & TTC, is that possible?

Yes! You can set your student discount in-person as a Shoppers Drug Mart to receive a PS1 fare type. This can only be done in-person.

My friend has a PS1 fare type, but my fare type says PS2. What is the difference?

Both, PS1 and PS2 student discounts are the same, however they refer to the type of status added to your PRESTO card.

• PS1 can be added in-person at Shopper’s Drug Mart of PRESTO Customer Service Outlets to receive a discount on GO Transit, UP Express & TTC.

• PS2 can be added online through a electronic voucher code via email, to receive a discount on GO Transit only.

I accidentally deleted my electronic Student ID, what do I do now?

If you accidentally delete the email that has your electronic GO Transit student ID, contact and we’ll re-send your ID.

What do I do if my school isn’t on the list?

Are you a full-time student at a post-secondary school that isn’t listed above or doesn’t issue student ID cards that match GO’s guidelines? Get in touch with us by email at

I hear McMaster has a special exception, how do I qualify?

All full time undergrad students at McMaster University can use the same PRESTO card with the HSR bus pass on GO/UP. Just load money on the PRESTO card and tap on/off while on GO/UP

I am only getting a 29% discount, instead of 40%*, why?

The Youth or Post-Secondary Student discount is 40%* off the standard fare (single adult ticket) - just under 29% off the PRESTO fare. Learn more (link to section above for “How does the student discount work?”)

I only attend school part-time, can I still apply for this discount?

The Post-Secondary Student fare type for GO on PRESTO is only available for full-time students, however, you can still enjoy regular savings using PRESTO on GO.

I made an error and used the PRESTO App to redeem the voucher and it’s not working. Can you send a new voucher code?

The new voucher is a one-time use code. Please reach visit any Customer Service Outlets or GO Transit Ticket Counter to have reset the fare type.

I redeemed the voucher but I am still paying the same fare on TTC, why?

Discount applies to GO Transit & UP Express only

I accidentally redeemed the voucher on the wrong PRESTO card, how can I fix this?

Please visit any Customer Service Outlet, Shopper's Drug Mart or GO Transit Ticket Counter with both cards for the correction.

I lost my PRESTO card with the student fare type do I reapply for a new voucher code?

Another application is not required. When you purchase your new PRESTO card at a Shopper's Drug Mart or GO Transit Ticket location ask that the student fare type is set on the card at the same time.


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