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Eglinton GO Station Improvement

We're Transforming Your Station!

Major improvements are coming to Eglinton GO Station. We’re enhancing communication and safety features and making the station fully accessible.

The upgraded Eglinton GO Station. Artist's rendering, subject to change.

Pictured: Future GO station rendering

What's New

The pick-up drop-off area on the north side of Eglinton GO station is moving to just west of the station building.

Here’s what you need to know about the new passenger pick-up and drop-off area on the north side of Eglinton GO:

  • The entrance from Eglinton Ave. E has not changed. However, instead of going straight, you will turn right (west) into the new area.
  • The pedestrian access to platform 1 from the old pick-up drop-off area will close and a new access point from the new passenger pick-up and drop-off area will open. The existing access to platform 1 by the east pedestrian tunnel will also remain open.
  • The ticket vending machine in front of the station building will remain accessible.
  • There will be two PRESTO payment devices by the new platform 1 walkway for tapping on and off.
  • Access to platform 3 from the north side of the station is through the east pedestrian tunnel. Platform 3 can also be accessed more directly from the south side of the station via Bellamy Rd. South.
  • Please follow directional signs and be cautious near and around construction areas.

Please be extra cautious when you are on the station platforms, as both platforms have been temporarily reduced in width for ongoing construction. Please follow the posted warning signs and only stand in the wider sections of the platform until your train has arrived and stopped. Please stay clear of the yellow lines. This station remains unable to service customers who use wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Please follow directional signs and be cautious near and around construction areas.

What's Changing

Station Access and Parking

Changes to parking and how you access the station will be in effect over the course of the project. 

West Tunnel

  • The west tunnel will be closed permanently while a new west tunnel is constructed.
  • To access the north platform from the south parking lot, customers can use the east tunnel on the south platform.


  • There are approximately 60 parking spaces closed in the south parking lot.
  • Accessible parking spaces have been relocated to two locations in the south parking lot.
  • Plenty of parking is still available at the station.

Pedestrian Paths:

  • The south platform remains accessible through the east access path from the south parking lot.
  • As some paths have changed, please follow construction signs to access your platform.

Bike Shelter:

  • The bike shelter has been relocated slightly to the east in the south parking lot.

What's Happening

Starting Monday, May 15 the east tunnel at the Eglinton GO station will close. The new west tunnel and pathway will open for you to use, and this will mean changes to how you access the station.

Here’s what you need to know to plan your commute on Monday, May 15:

  • The old east pedestrian-tunnel, east-end pathway and temporary east staircase leading up to platform 1 - will be closed permanently (See map).
  • The new west pedestrian-tunnel and pathway near the station building will open.
  • The new west pathway and tunnel will be the only way to access both platforms and the south parking lot from the north side of the station (along Eglinton Ave. E.). See map.
  • The south-east pedestrian pathway will give you access to only platform 3 (i.e., no tunnel access).
  • The south-west pedestrian pathway will provide access to the platform 3, and to the new west pedestrian-tunnel, giving you access to platform 1 (north).
  • PRESTO devices will be at all available access points, including the new west tunnel.
  • If you are arriving by Toronto Transit (TTC) bus, and need to access either platform, please walk toward the station building to use the west pedestrian-tunnel to the platform 3 (south); OR the pathway to platform 1 (north).
  • If you are driving to the station, please consider the north parking lot (along Eglinton Ave. E.). Or if parking in the south lot, consider spots near the west end (near the station house) to access the west tunnel easily.
  • There will be no change to either parking layouts or access to the passenger pick up and drop off location.
  • Please follow directional signs and use caution when moving around construction areas.
  • Staff will be available to assist you with any questions you may have.

How You Will Benefit

GO Expansion will bring more frequent two-way, all-day service to the Lakeshore East line to enable better connections and travel opportunities, and these upgrades to Eglinton GO Station are a key step in ensuring station accessibility for all GO customers.

  • Construction beginning on the accessibility upgrades at Eglinton GO is just one example of how GO Expansion is making progress in your communities.
  • These upgrades show Metrolinx’s commitment to following through on the Metrolinx Multi-Year Accessibility Plan 2018-2022, and ensuring accessible access to our stations for all our passengers.
  • Metrolinx is building a transit system for years to come. That is why we are keeping our promise to move forward with more frequent, two-way, all-day service on the Lakeshore East line, improving access and convenience for the people of Ontario for generations to come.

Accessibility upgrades at Eglinton GO Station will support the 251,000 GO customer boardings at this station per year, as well as prepare the station to support increased two-way, all-day service in years to come.

  • Works to upgrade Eglinton GO Station and make it fully accessible will include: two new tunnels, stairwells and elevators to platforms, mini-platforms to enable boarding and exiting accessibility coaches, tactile edge tiles, new ramps, digital signage and rehabilitation of the pick-up/drop-off zone (Kiss & Ride).
  • During construction, GO customers might have a different experience at Eglinton GO than what they are used to. Changes to services and the station are all part of the project to ensure the station can remain open during these upgrades, to continue serving our passengers for the duration of construction.
  • On some weekends, construction will operate overnight and one of the two GO rail tracks might be closed for construction work. These weekend works have been planned to ensure that GO customers can use Eglinton GO Station as normally as possible on weekdays, when many people rely on this station for their commutes to and from work.

These accessibility upgrades are the second phase of a two-phase project that was initiated to provide full passenger accessibility to the station building, side platforms, north and south parking lots, and the pick-up/drop-off area (Kiss & Ride).

  • Construction is expected to be completed, offering customers a fully accessible Eglinton GO Station, as early as Summer 2024.
  • These investments, and GO Expansion as a whole, are critical to transform the GO rail network into a comprehensive, all‐day rapid transit network.
  • GO Transit is committed to keeping you up-to-date on any changes to how you might use or access the station, platform, or nearby park.

Updated May 2, 2023 | Renderings subject to change.