Customers gather on the platform.

Boarding the GO Train

Customers gather on the platform.

Boarding the GO Train

Board Safely and Faster on the GO 

 We’re always looking at ways to make your journey easier, faster, and more reliable. Every train trip starts on the platform, and we want to make sure you have everything you need to board the train safely and quickly. Because when the train leaves on time, you arrive on time!  

We’ve added train length information at your station.   

Most train platforms are long enough to fit a 12-coach train, but trains come in all different sizes. Before heading to the platform at your station, check the departure board to see the length of your train. Knowing your train length before it arrives will help you determine if you can spread anywhere along the platform or if you need to move down a little to board the train.  

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*currently unavailable at Union Station

Prefer to check your phone? We’ve got you covered. You can use GO Tracker on your mobile device or laptop to access real-time status of GO trains at your station, including Union. 

Enhanced customer support from our staff: You asked, we listened.   

Station Ambassadors play an active role on the platform to help you board and exit the train quickly and safely during rush hours and busy periods.  

What to Expect  

We all have a role in ensuring a safe and reliable commute.   

Please do your part and listen to Station Ambassadors’ instructions. They will know the length of your train before it arrives and will help you determine where on the platform is best to stand for boarding. They will guide you if you need to spread along the platform, or if you need to move down to board the train. When everyone boards quickly and safely, we help ensure that the train will leave on time.