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Customers gather on the platform.

Boarding the GO Train

Customers gather on the platform.

Boarding the GO Train

Network Service Status Boards 

Network Service Status Board Screen

We’ve added new digital information screens!  When you’re travelling through Union Station, you’ll notice our new Network Service Status boards. 

Now, at a glance, you can see a digital overview of how our service is running across all train lines, in real-time. 

Here's what's new

Colour-coded rail lines 

Easily identify your rail line with the newly added colour-coded rail line information. Check the system map to see what colour your trail line is.

New Iconography 

New icons indicating the service status for each rail line. Look for the green checkmark to indicate good service, while the red or orange exclamation marks indicate major or minor service disruptions you need to be aware of to plan your trip.   

Real-time service status information for each rail line and UP Express 

See how well service is running on your line, including major or minor service disruptions, service adjustments or when train service has ended for the day. 

Last month’s on-time performance score 

Another added feature will allow you to see the on-time performance results for the previous month, organized by rail line.  

How do I read these signs? 

The digital boards will rotate between three screens: 

  • Screen One: will show the status of rail lines one to four (of eight in total).  
  • Screen Two: will show the status of rail lines five to eight.
  • Screen Three: will show an overall system map, using iconography to show service status. 

The system map shows service status using icons. Definitions for those icons will scroll across the bottom of the screen. 

Here are the service definitions for easy reference: 

Network Service Status Board Legend - English

Board Safely and Faster on the GO 

We’re always looking at ways to make your journey easier, faster, and more reliable. Every train trip starts on the platform, and we want to make sure you have everything you need to board the train safely and quickly. Because when the train leaves on time, you arrive on time!  

Digital Signage Across the GO Transit Network is Getting a Makeover!

NEW GO Transit DSSI Boards at USBT

Digital information screens across the GO Transit and UP Express networks are being replaced with an updated visual that will improve your experience at our stations.  

We are consolidating and streamlining our digital signage systems to provide you with a consistent experience, no matter where you start or end your journey with us. 

You’ll now find all the information you need to make boarding your GO train easier.

Platform information has moved to the far right side of the screen.

When reading the new departure screens at stations you’ll notice:

  • At Union the line name will be displayed with its identifying colour to help you find the information most relevant to you.
  • Trains are then listed by departure time, followed by the final destination. If express trains are available these will be marked here with a lightning bolt symbol.
  • You’ll also see a scrolling list of stops in the order that train will travel. If your train is delayed, the new departure time will be automatically updated.
  • On the right side of the screen, you’ll see which platform the train will be boarding from. If information is available about accessible platforms you will see the accessible symbol next to the platform number.
  • Any important updates, for example planned construction on your line or changes to service, will scroll across the bottom of the screen.
Example of new departure screens at Union Station

Prefer to check your phone? We’ve got you covered. You can use GO Tracker on your mobile device or laptop to access real-time status of GO trains at your station, including Union. 

Enhanced customer support from our staff: You asked, we listened.   

Station Ambassadors play an active role on the platform to help you board and exit the train quickly and safely during rush hours and busy periods.  

What to Expect  

We all have a role in ensuring a safe and reliable commute.   

Please do your part and listen to Station Ambassadors’ instructions. They will know the length of your train before it arrives and will help you determine where on the platform is best to stand for boarding. They will guide you if you need to spread along the platform, or if you need to move down to board the train. When everyone boards quickly and safely, we help ensure that the train will leave on time.