Our Vehicles

Our new buses and train cars are in service to make your trips more accessible and comfortable.

We've put new low-height, low-floor double-decker buses in service, and we've started putting hundreds of new train cars in service too.

Benefits of the New Train Cars

Photo of a new GO Train cab car interior, with brand new seats.

Along with giving you more ways to get around and a more comfortable ride, the new train cars give you:

  • More leg room, and more space between and underneath seats for bags and luggage.
  • Thicker cushions on the seats and head rests, and moveable arm rests.
  • Washrooms with electric hand dryers, and touchless faucets and soap dispensers.
  • Additional floor heat to keep temperatures warmer during the winter months.
  • Floors that decrease the train's noise, for a quieter ride.
  • Softer lighting that is easier on your eyes.
  • Doorways without a centre pole that allow for more space when getting in and out of the train car - especially with strollers and bikes.

Benefits of the New Double-Decker Buses

Photo of a new double decker GO Bus.

The new low-floor, low-height double-deckers are 39 cm lower than our first generation of double-decker buses, and 24 cm lower than the second generation. The new buses can clear more bridges and trees, and as a result, travel on more routes. The new double-decker buses give you:

  • Lower floors, and a longer, more gradual ramp for easier boarding and exiting.
  • Two wider areas for maneuvering with mobility devices.
  • Eight electrical outlets (4 on each level), with 2 in the wheeled mobility device area.
  • Automated next-stop announcements and visual displays for consistent and timely information.
  • More space to store your luggage.
  • Reclining seats on the lower floor.
  • Tinted windows for increased UV protection and temperature control.

We’re charging ahead with an electric-powered bus pilot

EV GO Bus Wide outside.jpg

For the first time, we’re testing two zero-emission battery electric double-decker GO buses.

During the first test phase in winter 2021, customers will not be on board the buses. In 2022, we plan to add these buses to select GO bus routes.

The new buses may look similar but are very different in a few ways:

  • Customers onboard will experience a quieter ride, but to ensure the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles, sounds and messages will play outside the bus to provide warning when it’s turning.
  • These buses are equipped with USB chargers for passengers to charge their personal devices.
  • The new configurations for luggage compartments will provide access for storage both inside and outside the vehicle.
  • Since they are new additions to our fleet, these buses are also equipped with passenger seatbelts.

Click here to have a first look at the vehicles and see what gives them a boost.