Commuters on GO Train.

London GO Train Service

Commuters on GO Train.

London GO Train Service

London GO Train Service

Metrolinx’s arrangement to operate service between London and Toronto was established with CN and VIA Rail Canada to operate with the existing infrastructure, including tracks and stations. The arrangement with CN and VIA ends this fall and Metrolinx will no longer have access to the infrastructure. Therefore, the London GO pilot will not operate after October 13, 2023. We remain committed to serving commuters and will look to redeploy those assets where appropriate to meet demand.

London to Toronto GO Train Schedule

Our pilot service includes two trips per day on weekdays, an early morning trip from London to Toronto, and an evening trip from Toronto to London.

Be sure to plan your trip ahead of time and check the schedule for arrival and departure times.

Good to Know:

  • Trips from London to Kitchener will take approximately 2 hours.
  • Trips from London to Toronto will take approximately 4 hours.
  • The London VIA rail station is located at 205 York St., London, ON
  • The St. Marys VIA rail station is located at 5 James St. North, St. Marys, ON
  • The Stratford VIA rail station is located at 101 Shakespeare St., Stratford, ON
  • As with all GO train service, food or beverages are not sold on board.

Not all doors will open at London, St. Marys and Stratford VIA stations due to the length of our trains. If you have boarded the wrong coach, you can move through the train to another one.

  • At London and Stratford, the doors will open only in the accessibility coach and the adjoining coach west of the accessibility coach
  • At St. Marys, the doors will open in the accessibility coach only
  • Be sure to listen to the announcements on your train.


At London, St. Marys and Stratford, ramps are available for accessible boarding.

Bringing luggage on board

Customer Service Ambassadors on GO trains are unable to assist with baggage handling, but customers are welcome to bring carry-on luggage with them. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate large amounts of luggage on rush hour trains, and aisles should be kept clear to keep all customers safe as they move through the train.

Buy Your Toronto to London GO Train Tickets Online

It’s important to know that trips that start or end in London, St. Marys, or Stratford are only available by using GO e-tickets. This includes trips that start at Union Station or along the existing Kitchener line.

E-tickets are super convenient and easy to use!

  • Your ticket will be emailed to you after your purchase.
  • Use your smartphone to activate your e-ticket 5 minutes before boarding time.

You can calculate the fare for your trip here.

Please note: PRESTO is not available for trips to or from London, St. Marys, or Stratford at this time.

Buy your GO e-tickets here!

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