Going Electric

GO Train travelling quickly on tracks

As Metrolinx continues to grow and expand its services, electrification of the network is considered a top priority. However, converting GO Transit's rail corridors from diesel to electric won't be an easy process and will require a lot of study.

Status Update

Back in 2016, we planned to complete the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) for the electrification of GO rail corridors as soon as possible.

In the time since then, we have discovered that there is a lot of community interest around the potential impact of electrification across the GO Network. Because of this, we extended the time for public engagement so we could work through all the presented issues together with the public's input.

The Regional Express Rail program is still on schedule as we continue the conversation with communities.

The Metrolinx electrification team works closely with the GO service expansion teams to ensure that all future plans and services moving forward contain the necessary infrastructure for future electrification.

To learn more please visit the Metrolinx electrification page.

Public Consultation

We are committed to community engagement. We thank all who have joined us and kindly shared their input during the various public meetings.

Your questions and comments are welcome any time. Please email them to us directly at: electrification@metrolinx.com