Unionville GO Station Improvements

We're Transforming Your Station!

Major improvements are underway at Unionville GO Station. We're updating amenities, adding more parking, enhancing accessibility and, making it easier and more convenient to access GO services.

Rendering of a stairwell and tunnel leading to a new platform

What’s Changing

You will notice station access changes at your station.

Unionville Construction Map:

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Unionville Paving Map

Unionville Paving Map

Platform Changes:

  • The temporary platform has been removed and a portion of the permanent east platform has reopened for you to use.
  • The accessibility platform has also been relocated closer to the station building.
  • New entrances safely lead you to your platform  and give you direct access from the parking lot. There are guardrails along these new pathways for your safety.
  • The new platform means a shorter walk from the bus loop and parking lot to where you board your train.
  • Please be careful around construction equipment and fenced off areas until this work is complete

How To Board Your Train

Due to recent service changes, you may have to adjust where you normally board your train. Some coaches will not open from outside of the train. Please spread out along the platform and keep the accessibility coach available for those who need it most.

Stouffville Boarding Graphic-Unionville-01v2.png

What's Next

Access to your GO station and service will continue to change as construction progresses. Please remember to give yourself extra time to get to your train or bus during the construction. 

How You Will Benefit

Rending of a new platform and second track

We’re building new station features to accommodate the additional 1,000 daily customers we anticipate in the next 10 years and to prepare for future two-way, all-day service.

This means you’ll benefit from:

  • a new island platform and a relocated east platform with a snowmelt system;
  • a second track, a new turnaround track, so that trains can travel in both directions on this portion of the Stouffville line;
  • new pedestrian tunnels and elevators for improved accessibility;
  • canopies and integrated shelters on the platforms to protect you from the elements;
  • designated pedestrian paths through the parking lot;
  • more parking spaces;
  • easier access from the parking lot to the platforms by replacing stairs with ramps;
  • a bicycle storage room which will be apart of our reserved bicycle parking program.
  • improved signage, lighting and landscaping.

These improvements will help support future 15-minute, two-way all day service between Unionville and Union Station. Learn about more service and improvements planned for your corridor at Metrolinx.com/Stouffville.

Stay In The Know

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Updated January 4, 2022  | Renderings subject to change.