Unionville GO Station Improvements

Over the next few years, major improvements are coming to Unionville GO. When we’re finished you’ll have access to more frequent GO train service and more amenities. The station will also be able to accommodate the additional 1,000 customers we anticipate in the next 10 years as we gradually increase service to two-way all-day.
There are lots of changes to get excited about! Here’s what’s coming to your station and the community in the next few years:

  • easier access from the parking lot to the platforms by replacing the stairs with ramps;
  • providing designated pedestrian paths through the parking lot;
  • adding approximately 300 new parking spaces;
  • adding canopies and integrated shelters to the platforms to protect you from the elements;
  • improving accessibility with new pedestrian tunnels and elevators;
  • adding a bike storage room;
  • improved signage, lighting and landscaping;
  • a new island platform and a relocated east platform with a snow-melting system; and
  • a second track, a new turnaround track up to Enterprise Dr., so that trains can travel in both directions on this portion of the Stouffville line.

What's Next

We are in the middle of the procurement process and are hoping to start construction by the middle of this year. When we determine which team will be handling the project and move further along in the design, we will share more details on when the work will happen and what you’ll notice at the station.

GO Expansion 

Through its Regional Express Rail project – better known as GO expansion – Metrolinx is already starting to transform the existing GO rail system from a commuter service to a whole new rapid transit experience for your community. In the next ten years we’re aiming to bring you 15-minute, two-way service between Unionville and Union Station. Nineteen new weekday midday and evening trips, primarily between Unionville GO Station and Union Station, have already been added.

Better Local Connections

At the same time, we are also working with our regional and municipal partners on reviewing the station and its connections to nearby roads and other transit systems, including the future 407 Transitway and VIVA. This work will determine the future of the Markham Centre Mobility Hub and, will inform the future design of Unionville GO Station and its surroundings.
Pedestrian access to the platforms; working concept that is subject to change

Canopies and integrated shelters; working concept that is subject to change