Customer Stories


Here at GO, we pride ourselves on being a part of so many lives. We hear stories from our riders, our staff, and the community and we’re sharing those with you, hoping you’ll share a story back with us.

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Love on the GO

Amanda Chew and Daniel Hsieh riding a GO bus

“It’s pretty funny, we found love on the GO. If it wasn’t for that GO bus, we wouldn’t have chatted and developed the relationship we have now.”

– Daniel Hsieh, Route 40 Hamilton/Richmond Hill

Daniel and Amanda Chew started off as two commuters taking the same Route 40 Hamilton/Richmond Hill Bus two to three days a week. Three years later they are engaged, and took their engagement photos at the place where it all began - with the GO vehicle that first brought them together. Read more about Daniel and Amanda's story here.


How I met your mother... on GO Transit

Nancy Moy and Drew Sison take wedding day photos in front of a GO Bus

“It’s just crazy how we met on the GO bus. If I didn’t meet him on the GO bus, we would have never talked.”

– Nancy Moy, Route 54

Nancy Moy and Drex Sison's journey started on GO bus Route 54, where a bit of luck had them sitting side-by-side one fateful evening. Five years later they posed for their wedding photos at Union Station Bus Terminal. Read their full story here.


84-Year-Old Graduates on the GO

Victor Parker

“Sometimes I worked on essays on the train. Sometimes I read textbooks from my course. I was totally focusing on the task at hand, which was get there, be there on time and come back. Everything was great with the way the system went.”

– Victor Parker, 84-year-old recent Trent graduate, Lakeshore East/Route88

We’re inspired by Victor, who refuses to stop learning and rode to and from campus with us every week for 14 years to earn his degree. Congratulations, Victor!


Commute with Kindness

Bowmanville High School Students

“Every year our teacher invites her class to perform random acts of kindness for the commuters on the GO Train, so we brought little gifts and treats to brighten up people’s day. It feels great just knowing that someone else’s whole day could have been changed just by a little act that you did. It might not mean a lot to you, but it might mean a lot to that person, so it feels great knowing that you can have that impact.”

- Cameron, Bowmanville High School


Glenn Healy

Glenn Healy

“I took the GO to games at Maple Leaf Gardens during my time with the Leafs and I still take it to work. I’ve cut two of the biggest business deals for the NHL Alumni Association while riding the GO train. I really enjoy when people come up to chat with me. Just don’t take my seat!”

- Glenn Healy, Lakeshore East


Life Lessons

Photo of a female customer waiting in a shelter, related to the “life lessons” story.

"It was one of those days that I missed my GO Bus to downtown Toronto. I was really mad at myself for missing the bus, but something incredible happened during my 40 minute stay at the GO station. I met an old wise lady who taught me the best lesson of life.

She told me to live my life and don’t let small things take my happiness away. This life is short so fill your life with love and laughter. 

I knew it was in my destiny to meet this great woman. I can never thank her enough!"

- Bushra N., Milton line


Beyond Grateful

Christina, Hamilton Bus Rider

"I arrived at the Union Station GO Bus Terminal in a lot of distress, crying, anxious and sad. The attendant, Sarah, was beyond empathic, compassionate & sweet to me. She asked me what was wrong, I told her my earbuds broke and I need them to travel due to serious social anxiety in public and on long trips. She said "I have an extra pair of earbuds you can have". I was beyond grateful. She also said "I can get someone to take you to the appropriate bus stop, so you can get on the bus safely and with confidence".  I am still in awe and in deep gratitude of how well Sarah treated me, went out of her way to really care for me and how well she understood my needs. I liked how she did not judge me.  I now look forward to using GO more frequently and I have this experience to keep with me forever. Thank you Sarah, and Nancy, who assisted me with the GO bus stop to Hamilton and who waited for me to get on the bus safely. Our city, our world needs more people like Sarah and Nancy in it to help people like myself, who suffer from anxiety & post-traumatic stress. I can't thank them enough.”

- Christina, Hamilton Bus Rider 

Friday Night’s Alright

Photo of a male customer holding a wallet, related to the “Friday night’s alright” story.

“When I realized I’d forgotten my wallet, I knew there was only one place it could be. Luckily for me, the train was parked overnight in Georgetown. The technician working on the trains was actually just finishing his shift and walking out to his car. I really didn’t want to inconvenience him on a Friday night. It would have been entirely understandable if he didn’t help me.

He was very pleasant despite the not so pleasant circumstances.  

He got his keys and turned on the engine so the doors could open, allowing me to go grab my wallet. I really appreciate what this gentleman did to help me out. In a world full of busy people, it’s really great to see someone willing to go the extra mile to help out someone else.”

- Nick, Georgetown train


Million-to-one Odds

Photo of a male customer on CityNews, related to the “million-to-one odds” story.

"The twist of this whole story is that the dog made it home that night... It's a million-to-one odds shot that she survived."

- Jonathon, conductor

See the video here


A Good Deed Returned

Photo of a young female customer, related to “a good deed returned” story.

“Even though I felt fine [after donating blood], I almost blacked out and I felt overwhelmingly sick when I reached Square One. Another passenger told the bus driver that I was ill and he was tremendously helpful. He kept me on the bus while I called my dad and together we waited for him to come and get me.

Your driver turned a scary situation into something bearable.”

- Alysha, York University bus rider


Radio Corey

Photo of customer and Customer Service Ambassador on board a GO Train, related to the “radio Corey” story.

"Corey, our awesome and hilarious Customer Service Ambassador, announced almost every stop on our way home like a radio host. When he said, 'This next station stop is a classic and unforgettable. Oakville will be our next station stop,' I couldn't stop laughing. It made my night—and the nights of my friends and everyone else in my car. I went to the accessible coach because I really wanted to meet this guy and asked if he could say something fun for Appleby. Corey said he'd see what he could do and as we came toward our stop, he announced, 'Our next station stop goes out to a group of listeners in the front of the train who seem to be having a good time tonight and are enjoying this program. Thank you very much! Appleby will be our next station stop.' When we heard that, my friends and I smiled and gave each other high fives. Corey is the coolest!"

- Ian M., Lakeshore West


We Love Canada

Photo of a male customer outside in the winter, related to the “we love Canada” story.

“My family and I are from Barbados and recently visited Niagara Falls. We were tourists, on board the GO Bus that left Niagara-on-the-Lake around 8:30 p.m. We had to make a transfer at the Burlington carpool lot to catch a GO Bus to Mississauga Square One.

Photo of a male bus driver outside his GO Bus, related to the “we love Canada” story.

Your driver, Charles Todd, would not let us wait alone in the cold and dark but kept us safe and warm aboard his bus until the other one arrived. 

We didn’t even have to ask him. Because of his kindness, we love Canada even more.”

- Kareem, Niagara Falls bus rider


The Best Way to Multitask

Customer drawing related to “the truest form of multitasking” story.

"I draw anything and everything on the train. I've drawn a webcomic, a graphic novel, video game art, tattoo drawings, no actual tattooing on the train (haha) and a few commissioned pieces of art. I meet and talk to people fairly regularly. They see me working and ask about what I'm doing and if they can see my drawings. The train offers people a chance to do something while they are doing something. Be it reading, working on their laptop/tablet, sleeping or drawing—all the while, getting to work. It really is the truest form of multitasking."

- William Kimberley, Lakeshore East


Our Hero

Photo of the Transit Safety Officer crest on a uniform, related to the “our hero” story.

“On the 10th of December 2015, Transit Safety Officer Sean Wilson was working his dayshift at 9 a.m. in Mississauga when he received a call from a passing train crew about a woman that was walking along the train tracks. When TSO Wilson arrived at the area, the woman was not in the location initially reported. He drew upon his expert knowledge of the rail corridor and located a second point of entry onto the tracks—he now could see in the distance a person lying on the tracks between the rails. He immediately placed an emergency radio call to halt all train traffic in the area; however it was too late and an eastbound train was bearing down on their location at a high rate of speed…

Officer Wilson took quick action. He physically removed the woman from the rail; 30 seconds later the approaching train passed safely by them.

Our Transit Safety Officers are trained extensively on the dangers of trains and the railway corridor. They are taught that anytime can be train time. They are trained in first aid and mental health issues. Sean knew from his training that he must assess and act to remove the most immediate threat. Sean conducted a quick assessment of consciousness—airway, bleeding—and he found her to be uninjured. Sean Wilson took control, saved a life, and instantly became a hero to so many of us.”


A Father’s Thanks

Photo of GO Bus at terminal, related to “a father’s thanks” story.

“At my daughter's stop, your bus driver asked her if someone was picking her up and my daughter said that she had a car in the lot. The driver said she would wait until my daughter got in her car, and only as she exited the GO lot did the driver leave. As a father—and retired police officer—I am thankful that driver took the time to wait and ensure my daughter left safely.”

- Nick


A True Gentleman

Photo of GO Train doors, related to the “a true gentleman” story.

“Rushing to the coach, I frantically tapped on the window, mouthing to the Customer Service Ambassador Jim that I had dropped my wallet before disembarking. Since it wasn’t an emergency, he of course could not reopen the doors, but before the train pulled away, he asked me which coach I was on. I let him know it was about 3 coaches back, but that was all there was time to specify. When I got home, I began going through the process of enumerating what cards I would need to cancel. It had everything in there, as one might expect: driver’s license, health card, access cards, credit cards—you name it—even irreplaceable images of my wife and kids. I had only got as far as cancelling my PRESTO card when the doorbell rang. I was ecstatic to find that Jim had made a personal journey after the train had reached Lincolnville GO (now named Old Elm) to return my wallet in Markham. He saved me from significant distress and colossal inconvenience that evening. He’s a true gentleman, and a personal hero of mine.”

- David, Stouffville line


Just in Time

Photo of GO employee, related to the “just in time” story.

“Ted Davis works in the Plant Utility department at GO and was setting up with his salt crew at Burlington on a very chilly night.

The temperature was -12 with a wind chill of -20, when he heard continuous screams of “help me” in the distance.

The crew followed the screams, through the parking lot, past a fence and into a yard where they encountered a 10-foot security fence. The crew found a man wearing only a t-shirt on top of an RV in the yard. Ted immediately phoned 911. When the police and EMS team arrived on site, Ted offered his assistance and tools to the police officers to gain access to the yard. The man in distress was treated and taken to hospital. Another 15 minutes exposure to the elements could have proven disastrous. Thanks to Ted Davis, this individual was found and rescued just in time.”


The Lost Purse

Photo of female customer onboard GO Bus, related to “lost then found” story.

“My daughter left her purse on the GO Bus from Hamilton to Toronto on Saturday at 11:45 pm. In an attempt to find her purse, we drove to Yorkdale at midnight and found a GO Bus with a very kind driver. She helped my daughter, made a phone call, and gave her advice on how to proceed. The next morning, a woman at GO’s Lost and Found took the report, was very helpful, and did exactly as she promised.

Within 2 hours of filing the report, she had called us back to let us know my daughter's purse was already at Union Station. I was very surprised that the purse could be lost at midnight Saturday and already returned intact to Union Station by Sunday afternoon.”

- Joan, Thornhill


Two Extra Minutes

Photo of a family, related to the “two extra minutes” story.

“Four years ago today I planned a trip from Hamilton to St. Catharines for a job interview. I purchased my ticket in advance and I was about to board the bus when your driver informed me that it was the wrong ticket. I told him that I did not have time to get a new ticket because I had to make it to my interview. He said he would wait and allowed me to run in, buy a new ticket, and board his bus.

Because of him I got to my interview on time, I got the job, I met my husband, and now we have a baby girl together.

He did not have to help me, but out of the kindness of his heart he did. I am so thankful for the outcome of those extra two minutes he allowed me.”

- Amanda Marie, GO Bus rider


Always Here to Help

Photo of a customer service agent in the call centre, related to the “always here to help” story.

“Customer service is very important to me, and I also work in the customer service industry. I never take GO Transit, so I called in for some information and got an exceptional person on the phone. She explained everything and provided me with all of the relevant information. She exceeded my customer service standards when she said ‘I will not leave you stranded; I’ll provide you with some alternate routes.’ She was extremely patient and I now want to use GO Transit service more often based on how she treated me today.”

- Our new GO rider


Safety First

Photo of a wrench, related to the “safety first” story.

“I was on the GO Bus travelling from Kitchener to Mississauga when it broke down, but the driver was excellent at resolving the problem. He calmly presented us with the situation, reassured us of our safety, and presented options to maximize our comfort. The replacement bus arrived quickly and we were safely escorted to the new bus.

It is this customer and safety focus that convinced me to switch from Greyhound to GO.”

- Clara, Kitchener GO Bus rider