How Weather Affects GO Service

Illustration of a GO train travelling through different weather conditions including rain, sun, and snow.

During severe weather, you may experience occasional delays on our trains and buses. Delays can happen for many reasons related to weather such as snow and ice, fallen trees or other debris on tracks, or extreme temperatures - even a hot sunny day can have an impact on your journey.

Watch the videos below to learn about how weather affects GO service.

Delays Because of Switches

Trains do not have steering wheels. Instead, switches guide the train from one track to the next. Switches may have problems because of snow and ice or debris, and when they do, the train is given a red light and must come to a stop.

Delays Because of Signals

Signals can sometimes cause GO train delays; watch the video to learn more.

Delays Due to Heat

Train tracks are exposed to the sun and can be affected by hot weather which sometimes causes delays.