Fleets Coffee at Maple GO Station

Fleets Coffee is temporarily closed during this time. We look forward to Fleets Coffee returning to Maple GO soon. Please visit the Fleets Coffee website to learn more.

Fleets Coffee Cup

We have teamed up with Fleets Coffee to bring you hot coffee, hot beverages, and tasty treats at Maple GO as part of a program starting on August 31.

You can download the Fleets Coffee app to pre-order for quick pick up from the bright turquoise Fleets Coffee Mobile Café. Products will be made fresh and will be ready just in time for your arrival at the station.

Download the app today on the App Store or Google Play so you can easily register for an account before making a touchless order. Enjoy!

And remember, at GO Transit, Safety Never Stops. Wearing a face mask continues to be mandatory while travelling on GO. Learn how we're keeping you safe on GO Transit and how you can help.

Fleets Coffee Pilot

Station: Maple GO Station, starting on August 31

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday from 7:15 am to 8:30 am

Mobile Café Location: Look for the Mobile Café truck located next to the station building, between the Kiss N’ Ride and the platform.

Fleets Coffee Truck

Fleets Coffee App: Download the app from the App Store or Google Play to order in advance. Products will be ready just in time for your arrival based on the location settings in the app that will track your arrival at the station.

Payment: Payment can be made through the app. You can also walk up to the Mobile Café to place your order. Credit, debit, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are accepted. However, cash is not accepted at this time.

Product Offerings: Coffee, hot beverages, snacks, and portable breakfast/lunch options are available. Enjoy top quality products with drinks served in environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable cups.